Estate of Smith Pridgen

Estate of Smith Pridgen - October 17, 1872

Superior Court of Greene County, NC
Henry Pridgen, Theodosia Pridgen
and Nancy F. Rouse and George B.F. Rouse
infants by their next friend Benjamin S. Rouse--Plaintiffs


Charles H. Harper. Administrator of Smith Pridgen decd.
Luby Harper and Patrick Lynch   Defents.

The plaintiffs in the above action complaing allege:

1. That Smith Pridgen, late of Greene County, died intestate on or about July 28, (18)69 owning and possessed of chosen in action and personal estate worth three thousand dollars or thereabouts--leaving a widow the Plaintiff Theodosia Pridgen, and Henry Pridgen, his only living child, and the plaintiff Nancy F. Rouse and George B. F. Rouse, infants--appearing in this action by their next friend B. S. Rouse, for want of a general guardian, as the children of Dorcas Rouse, wife of said B.S. Rouse and daughter of said Smith Pridgen, now dead, and that said plaintiffs are the next of kin of said Smith Pridgen and are entitled to distribution of his estate among them.

2. That defendant C.H. Harper was duly appointed by the Probate Court of Greene County administrator on the estate of said Smith Pridgen was qualified and took into his possession in 1869 all the personal estate chosen in action and other effects of said Pridgen.

3. That said C. H. Harper executed and delivered an administration bond, dated August 2/69 in the sum of Four thousand five hundred dollars payable to the state of North Carolina conditioned for the faithful discharge of his official duties and for the payment of each distribution herein said estate to those entitled, and for a just and true account of his administration of said estate and that the defendants Luby Harper and Patrick Lynch signed and delivered said administration bond with said Harper as his sureties for the purpose aforesaid which bond will be produced when required.

4. That said C. H. Harper took into his posession all the personal property, chosen in action and other effects of his intestate and has sold the said ? and collected or retained the other effects or has failed to recount for the same, although requested to do so by the plaintiff. Wherefore plaintiff demand judgment.

     1. That deft. C.H. Harper render an account of his administration __?
     2. For a judment against defendants for $4500.00to be discharged in payment to plaintiffs of such sum as shall by ascertained to be done there and for general relief and for costs of this action.

Witness: D. Dillon

B.S. Rouse (hisXmark)
Faircloth and Grainger, attor. for Plaintiff

B.S. Rouse maketh oath that the facts set forth in the above complaint as of his own knowledge are true and those otherwise stated he believes to be true. Oct. 17/72

____ Jno Robinson

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