Estate of Drewrey Pridgen

Estate of Drewrey Pridgen - 1838


The following interesting document was necessary to the equal division of all of Drewry Pridgen's property

State of North Carolina        January 30th day 1838 Nash County

Then recd of Josiah Vick the Sum of Eighty Seven Dollars and 50/100 c. in full payment of five Negros and their increase by the names of Fill, Fanny, Pherby and her two children Easter and Offy, which five Negros..I Willie Bone is entitled to one eight part of the said five named Negros and Increase in writht of my wife Morning the daughter of Drewery Pridgen from the will of said Drewery Pridgen died after the death of said Pridgen widow Sarah Pridgen on her widowhood and we Willie bone and Morning Bone do warrant and find our selve and heirs for ever to defend our wright and title as aabove stated in the five named negros and their increase to the said Josiah Vick and each of us our heirs EXrs. admn and assigns forever to defend the Eight part of the above five named negros and increase to the said Josiah Vick his heirs Exs. admn. and assigns forever as witness our hands and seals the day and date above written signed sealed and acknowledge in the ________of us.

Jethro Harnell              Wilie Bone (Seal)
Marcum H. Deary        Mourning Bone    Her mark X Seal

State of North Carolina Court of Pleas and quarter
Nash County August Term 1840
The above Bill of Sale was duly proven in open court by the authority of Marcus H. Deary one of the subscribing witnesses thereto ordered to be signed.

Attest B. H. Blount

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