Deeds - Edgecombe County, NC

Deeds - Edgecombe County, NC

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Thomas Pridgen Papers
P. C. 1612
Samuel Ruffin to Thomas Pridgen
10 June 1777

This Indenture made the tenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven Between SAMUEL RUFFIN of the County of Edgecombe in the State of North Carolina of the one part, and THOMAS PRIDGEN of the County of Dobbs of the other part Witnefseth that the said SAMUEL RUFFIN, for and in consideration of the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds Proclamation Money to him in Hand paid by the said THOMAS PRIDGEN, the receipt whereof he doth hereby Acknowledge, and himself therein fully satififed, Contented, and Paid, Hath granted, bargain'd, sold, Convey'd and Confirmed, and by these Present doth fully, freely and Absolutely grant, bargain, sell, convey and confirm unto him the said THOMAS PRIDGEN his Heirs and Afsigns forever, One certain tract or Parcel of Land, situated, lying and being in the said County of Dobbs, and on the South side of Tyson's Marsh, bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at a Stake in Tyson's Marsh run on the Patent line, then running the various Courses of the Patent reversed to the line of the land Convey'd from WILLIAM WILLIAMS by Deed to CHARLES MILLER, then with that line or land to the sd Marsh run, then up the meanders of the run to the beginning, containing by estimation Two Hundred and Fifty acres, be the same more or lefs, it being part of a larger tract of land granted to WM WILLIAMS by Patent bearing date September in the year of our Lord 1745, and be ueathed by the last Will and Testament of WILLIAM WILLIAMS now deda to WEST WILLIAMS, and by the sid WEST WILLIAMS Conveyed to the said SAMUEL RUFFIN, by deed of bargain'd and sale. Also one other tract or Parcel of Land Situate in the said County of Dobbs and on both sides Tyson's Marsh, adjoining the above granted land, bounded as followeth, to witt, beginning at a Water Oak on the run of the sd Tyson's Marsh affixed(?) at a new field, below the above, Marsh No. 45 W 20? poles to a small black gum, then along'DUN's line So 42? W. 200 Poles to a Dead Pine on TYMOTHY REAVE's line, then along his line So. 15 .... E. 124 Poles to WILLIAM WILLIAMS line I then along his line S 75 ' E 76 Poles to a Pine (in) his Corner, then joining BENJA CASWE.LL's & FRANCIS HARPER's lines, then down HARPER's line to the beginning, Containing Two Hundred Acres, be the Same more or less, it being a tract of land granted to JOHN IRONS by Patent bearing date the day of in the year of our Lord and the same Land that was formerly Surveyed for SAML ROLLENS and was conveyed by the said IRONS to SAMUEL RUFFIN, by Deed of Sale. To Have and Hold the aforesaid Tracts of Land by the aforesd bounds, be the same more or lefs, together with all and singular the appurtenances thereupon,(etc.)

In Witnefs whereof I the sd SAMUEL RUFFIN have hereunto set my Hand and affixed my seal the day and year first above written Signed Seal'd & Deliver'd

In Presence of
G Ruffin
Dobbs October court 1777
Saml Ruffin

Therein this Deed was proved in Court by the oath of Ethd Ruffin & orderd to be Registered Test Pi Caswell Clk

Deed of Penellope DeLoach to brother, Lamon Ruffin and sister, Martha Pridgen
16 February 1796
pg 528, 529, 530
Edgecombe County, NC

To all whom these presents shall come Greeting. Know ye that I, Penelope Deloach of the county of Edgecombe in the State of North Carolina for and in consideration of the sum of seven pounds ten shillings current money of Virginia to me in hand paid by my Brother, Lamon Ruffin, the receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge and for and in consideration of the natural love good will & affection I have & bear unto my said Brother Lamon Ruffin & divers other good causes & considerations me thereunto moving hath given granted conveyed & confirmed & by these present doth fully freely & absolutely give grant convey & confirm unto my said Brother Lamon Ruffin his heirs & assigns forever all the Estate right Title Interest & claim to & in the tract or parcel of land whereon I now live lying & being on teh north side of Tyancokey Swamp in the said county of Edgecome or at least all that part of teh said Tract or parcel of land granted to me by Deeds of Bargain & Sale by Ruffin Deloach power of attorney for Wm DeLoach & John Deloach, residents of Western territories So (?) Ohio. & of Samuel DeLoach of Johnston County & state aforesaid by himself claiments & heirs at law of my husband, Jesse Deloach, late of Edgecombe County dec'd containing by estimation two hundred & thirteen acres more or less or at least three fourths of all the lands that my said Husband, Jesse Deloach did seized & possessed of which contained by estimation Two Hundred & Eighty four acres more or less it being the greater part of the said Tract or parcel of land granted & sold to my said Husband, Jesse Deloach by a deed of Bargain & Sale from Solomon Deloach containing in the whole by estimation three hundred acres more or less according to the known & reputed bounds of the same and all woods waters appurtenances priviledges & advantages to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining & all the estate right title interest & claim as aforesaid of me the said Penellope Deloach & my Heirs of in or to the s'd land & premises & in & to every part and parcel thereof & also the reversion & reversions remainder & remainderrs issues & profits of the same & of every part thereof.

Also one negro boy slave names Isaac which my said Brother Lamon Ruffin has got already in his possession also five other negro slaves (viz) Jeffery, Jack, Beck, Rachel & Daniel also four head of horse creatures called Brandy Baul a Bay mare Nance & a bay filly. also all my stock fo cattle sheep & hogs marked with a cross & half cross in the left ear as well those of said stock as are not marked as aforesaid as those that are also all my flock of geese also one riding chair & all the harness to the same belonging also one cart & wheels also three feather beds bedsteds & all the furniture to the same belonging also one Beaufatt & all the furniture to the same belonging also one Cott also all my cottone & flax also two flax wheels & two cotten wheels also all my sitting chairs also one walnut chest & two pine chests blue painted all my corn & bacon one loom & geer to the same belonging one pair working boxes & all my slays & harness three Iron potts one frying pan one bread griddle also all my pewter & earthen ware also all my plantation tools of every kind & nature. Whatever also all my mugs, jugs & cans. Also one Dutch oven one bos iron & Heaters one Brass Tea Kettle Two tubbs two pails one Piggin two trays two pair cotton chards, pari wood chards one pair fire tongs two pair hand irons one reap hook one flax hackle one woman hunting saddle one old woman's saddle & bridle one half bushel measure one large wheat stand one wheat riddle one case of knives & forks one old man's saddle also all my tables & table clothes aslo all & every other thing or things article or articles or residue of my Estate not before mentioned as given & granted as aforesaid (except my wearing clothes be it of what kind or nature soever I do give & grant as aforesaid to my said Brother Lamon Ruffin, his heirs & only reserving the use of the said land & premises & other estate given and granted hereby or intended to be hereby given & granted to my own use during my natural life & no longer also for & in consideration fo the natural love good will & affection I have and bear unto my sister, Martha Pridgen, & divers other good causes & considerations me there unto moving hath given & granted by these presents do give & grant unto my said sister, Martha Pridgen, her heirs & assigns all my wearing clothes only reserving the use of the same during my natural life to have & to hold the said land & premises with teh appurtenances respectively mentioned or intended to be mentioned unto the said Brother Lamon Ruffin his heirs & assigns forever to the only proper use benefit & behoof of them my said brother, Lamon Ruffin & sister Martha Pridgen they & each of their heris & assigns foreever & I the said Penellope Deloach for myself my heirs & the land & premises aforesaid with the appurtenances to the above mentioned persons & each of them as mentioned & given & granted aforesaid respectively & they & each of their heris & assigns shall & will warrant & defend forever by these presents in witness whereof I the said Penellope Deloach have hereunto set my hand & seal the sixteenth day of February one thousand seven hundre & ninety six. (Signe sealed --in the presence of
Elijah Horn (his mark)

Penellope Deloach (her mark)

Edgecome county May Court 1796. The within deed of Gift was duly exhibited in open court proved by the oath of Elija Horn & ordered to be recorded. Test Edward Hall C.C.

vol II, by Joseph W. Watson 1967, page 106.
Book found in Sacramento LDS Branch Genealogical Library, Sacramento, CA

Deed Book 3-226 WILLIAM (X) PRIDGEN of Dobbs Co., NC to BENJAMIN SMITH of Edgecombe Co., Oct. 19, 1775, for 174/13/4 Proc. money a tract of 180 acres on the south bank of the Tar River adjoining GAINEY, it being a tract of land granted to MICHAEL DORMAN by patent in 1740 and by said Dorman conveyed to WILLIAM PRIDGEN, decd., bya deed of bargain and sale. It was bequeathed by said WILLIAM PRIDGEN, decd., unto the "present" WILLIAM PRIDGEN by his last will and testament. Wit: JESS PRIDGEN, BRITAIN (X) WHITLEY, DAVID PRIDGEN, JAS.BRANTLY, ARTER (A) ALENCY.

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