Deeds - Columbus County, NC

Deeds - Columbus County, NC

Vol. VI, Columbus County Wills 1850-1855, Page 100, February Term 1855 ANDREW J. MILLICAN & wife MARGARETT to JOHN C. PRIDGEN, 16 Jan, 1855; $416, Negroes: Sukey, Sye, Henry & Satyra. "Whereas by the written and recorded Will of ROBERT BRIGHT deceased all his personal estate was bequeathed to his wife ROSANNAH BRIGHT for and during her lifetime and after her death then to his daughter ROSANNAH BRIGHT for and during her life time, and after her death then to her children, and whereas said personal estate now in the possession of his said daughter ROSANNAH consist of [above negroes] and wheras the children of said daughter ROSANNAH consist of MARIA, EQULLA, and MARGARETT." MARGARETT intermarried with ANDREW J. MILLICAN, who after the death of sd ROSANNAH will be entitled to 1/3 of afsd negroes...etc. Wit:G. DUNCAN*. (M-76/77)

Columbus County, NC Deeds, Volume VII, 1856-1860, page 11:REBECCA BROWN (Executrix of JOHN B. BROWN, deceased) & ROXANNAH BRIGHT, 5 January, 1852, for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I ( ROXANNAH BRIGHT) have and bear towards my children: QUILLA (wife of JOHN C. PRIDGEN), MARGARET (wife of ANDREW MILLICAN) and ANN MARIAH (wife of JOHN M. SELLERS), and for sum of $3, Negro slaves: Jack, Jim, Harriett, Robert, Caroline and George, being a part of the estate of ROBERT BRIGHT dec'd. Signed REBECCA BROWN AND ROSANA BRIGHT. Wit: HARDY BRIGHT & THOMAS O. BROWN*. (M-316).


Volume IV, 1840 - 1846

Page 20, Term 1842, Chs. Baldwin, Clk.

Agreement between ETHELDRED PRIDGEN (Green Co.) & GLASGOW PRIDGEN (ColCo), 2 October 1841; parties agree "that the Conwayborough Road that now runs through the land owned by we the said ETHELDRED & GLASGOW PRIDGEN Jointly and lying in Columbus County is hereby agreed to and established as the dividing line Between us..." GLASGOW PRIDGEN conveys unto ETHELDRED that part of the tract lying on Ss of Conwayborough Road and ETHELDRED conveys unto GLASGOW that part of the tract lying on the Ns of Conwayborough Road, an equal number of acres. Wit: V. Richardwon* & Smith Pridgen. (G-191)

Page 42

ETHELDRED PRIDGEN (Greene Co.) to JOHN PRIDGEN & RICHARD PRIDGEN (both of Greene Co.) , 1 January, 1844; DoG, for "the natural Love and affection which I have and bear towards my two sons", $5, 1,000 A. land deeded to him from GLASGOW PRIDGEN, on Ss of Sowls Swamp & on Ss of the Publick Road leading from Whitesville to Conwayborough adj GLASGOW PRIDGEN, THOMAS PRIDGEN & MARK WARD, being part of the tract of land bought by GLASGOW PRIDGEN from EDWARD WILSON, to be equally divided between the sd JOHN & RICHARD PRIDGEN. Wit: N.L. Williamson & Lewis Williamson. (G-405/406)

Page 62

ETHELDRED PRIDGEN for "natural Good Will and affection" to son RUFFIN PRIDGEN, 4 Aug. 1845; 250 A. land known as Worrell land, purchased of Chester Rockwell, adj Lennon, Duncan Morrison, land given to Ruffin as his proportionable part of all his lands. Wit. W.M. Baldwin* & JOHN C. PRIDGEN. (H-239)


JOHN C. PRIDGEN & JAMES H. PRIDGEN, deed of partition dtd 22 Febr 1858; Whereas ETHELDRED PRIDGEN of Col. Co. died sometime in the year leaving a LW&T which has been duly proved & recorded & by which several tracts of land were devised in fee simple to sd JOHN C. PRIDGEN & JAMES H. PRIDGEN to be equally divided & each desirous of making a devision or partition ... hereby agree & for sum of $5 paid by JOHN C. PRIDGEN TO JAMES H. PRIDGEN ... stand to & abide by following division: To JOHN C. PRIDGEN 3 tracts with the appurtenances thereof allotted & appropriated to be had & held by him: (1) 80 A. tract beg. at ROAN corner & runs to the Johnson Road, to WM. M. BALDWINs line; (2) 27 A. tract adj afsd tract; & (3) 250 A. tract adj the 27 A. tract & runs to a White Oak on W. edge of the White Marsh Swamp near Fish Lake; To JAMES H. PRIDGEN, 3 tracts with the appurtenances allotted & appropriated to him: (1) 50 A. tract beg. at CHARLES BALDWINs corner & SAMUEL BRIGHTs line: (2) 50 A. tract (less 13 A. off of the NW corner) adj above tract, runs to line of SAML. BRIGHT & JOHN BALDWINs old line; (3) 250 A. tract beg. at pine E. of the main road leading from Whiteville to Lumberton (it being the beg. of JOHN C. PRIDGENs 3rd tract), runs to SAMUEL BRIGHTs Mill Branch, runs to Ws of White Marsh Swamp near fish lake, to JOHN C. PRIDGENs line. Wit. K. Haynes. Reg. 22 Febr 1858. (M-760/761)

Page 40

GLASGOW PRIDGEN to JOHN A. EVANS 16 Jan 1857, 110 A. land in Col. Co., beg at edge of Conwayborough Road, runs to Diamonds Branch to the original line between GLASGOW PRIDGEN & RICHARD PRIDGEN. (BK. M.-55)

Page 89

RICHARD PRIDGEN to B.H. WATKINS, 11 May 1857, 128 A. tract on both sides of the Conwayborough Road, runs to G. PRIDGENs line to MILLIKINs line to M.W. SELLARS line. (BK. N-201)

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