NC Census 1860

Selected Records of 1860 Census, New Hanover Co, NC

Copied 3 Dec 1998 at Shreve Memorial Library by Amy Bishop Flowers
Microfilm Roll T-7/201

Wilmington PO, enumerated 1 June

pg 678
11/11BOURDEAUX, Anthony33workman b NC
 Eliza27  b NCcannot read/write
 Richard8  b NC
 Jane4  b NC
pg 681
44/46BOURDE, Richard37day laborer$00./$50b NC
 Caroline39  b RI

Rocky Point PO, enumerated 31 August

pg 892
1700/1700HAND, William J, Sr68farmer$1200/$6050b NC
 Ellen64   b NC
 Julia Ann30?   b NC
 Amanda14   b NC
 Welbern? (m)10   b NC
 Lamb (m)7   b NC
 Julia5   b NC
 Mary4   b NC
 Nicholas1   b NC
1711/1711BOURDEAUX, R (m)47  $5000/$7000b NC
 Rebecca38   b NC
 Ann17   b NCin school
 Jas (m)14   b NC   " "
 C C (m)10   b NC
 Robert6   b NC

Wilmington PO, enumerated July (no day provided)
pg 802
1079/1070BERNDAUX, Nathan48?inspector$1500/$1500b NC
 Tabitha40?  b NC
 Catherine13?  b NC
 Mary7  b NC
 M M (m)22student at law b NC

Calvin's Creek PO, enumerated 6 July

pg 964
377/378FLINN, John37farmer$500/$500b NC
 Eliza32  b NC
 William15  b NC
 Owen11  b NC
 Albert10  b NC
 Julia6  b NC
 D? (f)4  b NC
378/378BORDEAUX, Arthur45farmer$7000/$7000b NC
 Catherine39  b NC
 Emeline12  b NC
 Elizabeth10  b NC
 Franklin9  b NC
 Catherine7  b NC
 Elsie? (f)5  b NC
pg 964
379/380HILBOURNE, J M (m)31farmer$1000/$150b NC
 Frances (f)30?  b NC
 Alison (m)3  b NC
 BORDEAUX, Mary50 $00/$100b NC
380/381BORDEAUX, A H (m)29farmer$1000./$00.b NC
382/383PRIDGEN, Alfred40farmer$600/$300b NC
 Julia A36  b NC
 Marselly? (m)18  b NC
 Zilpha (f)16  b NC
 Alfred13  b NC
 Drucilla11  b NC
 Caroline9  b NC
 Cornelia7  b NC
 Le__? (f)3  b. NC
368/369BORDEAUX, J (m)77farmer$600/$9000b NC
 Rebecca41  b NC
 Cappery ? (m)18  b NC
 Margarett15  b NC
 Charlotte13  b NC
 Mary C12  b NC
371/372FLINN, Mary42widow$2000/$2000b NC
 William15  b NCin school
 Elizabeth13  b NC  " "
 Samuel11  b NC  " "
 Franklin6  b NC
 Thomas4  b NC
374/375DEW ??, Anthony46farmer$3000/$11000b NC
 Nancy62?  b NC
 Catherine A17  b NC
 BENSON, Harriett21  b NC
 BERDEAUX, Ann85  b NCpauper

Calvin's Creek PO, enumerated 14 June
pg 902
58/59ARMSTRONG, T J (m)40farmer$30000/$30000b NC
 Martha24  b NC
 (children also listed)
55/60BORDEAUX, R M (m)67farmer$15000/$20000b NC
 Mary40  b NC
 Mary A9  b NC
 Richard8  b NC
 Alice6  b NC
 John S4  b NC
 James B2  b NC
 McAUSTEN??, Eliza48widow b NC
 Josephine14  b NC
 SALTS, Margaret M28  b NC
pg 905
81/82BRYAN, Silas55farmer b NC
 (several other Bryan's listed, plus...
 BORDEAUX, Catherine12  b NC

Calvin's Creek PO, enumerated 18 June
pg 908
103/104LAMB, A M (m)42farmer$22000/$15000b NC
 Elizabeth36  b NC
 William R16  b NC
 Elizabeth A14  b NC
 Catherine12  b NC
 Hannah J10  b NC
 Margarett6  b NC
 Mary3  b NC
 Rebecca C1  b NC
104/105BORDEAUX, M T (m)69 $1500/$2000b NC
 Martha69  b NC
 Daniel J41farmer$1500/$2000b NC
 Margaret S37  b NC
 Francis M (m)18  b NC
 Benjamin C14  b NC
 William T11  b NC
 Eliza10  b NC
 Moses8  b.NC
 Daniel6  b NC
 Ida4  b NC
 Lafayette3  b NC
105/106BORDEAUX, A D (m)24farmer$12000/$3000b NC
 A P (f)22  b NC
 William A2  b NC
 Walter D2/12ths  b NC
 PINNY??, John14  b NC
106/107HERRING, S S (m)65  b NC
 Mary53  b NC
 Mildred33  b NC
 William J24  b NC
 David P18  b NC
pg 909
109/110HERRING, John (and his family)
110/111HERRING, S J (m) (and his family)
112/113BORLIN??, Jno R68farmer$150/$250b NC
 Hannah60  b NC
 David22  b NC
 Hannah21  b NC
113/114BORDEAUX, E (f)65widow$100/$00b NC
 Mary J40  b NC
pg 911
122/123GARRISON, James (and family plus...
 CLEMENTS, ___ (m)(two listed) Adults
 STEWART, ___ (m)Adult
 GRADY, ___ (m)Adult
 BORDEAUX, R H (m)18 b NCattending school
125/126CROOM, N (m) (and family)
Calvin's Creek PO, enumerated 20 June
pg 922
197/198LAMB, Isaac C73farmer$3000/$12000b NC
 Thankful45  b NC
 Martha30  b NC
198/199LAMB, Isaac H29 $00/$300b NC
 Martha19  b NC
 F J (f)8/12ths  b NC
203/204BORDEAUW, J W (m)32farmer$1700/$4000, b NC
 Martha A25  b NC
 Mary E9 b NCattending school
 Martha7  b NC  " " " "
 Sarah P4  b NC

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