NC Census 1870

1870 Census Records for North Carolina

Copied 29 Nov 1998 by Amy Bishop Flowers
New Hanover County -- Microfilm copy M 593 / 1151

PG 167, Caswell Twp, Point Caswell P O, 18 July 1870

91/91LARKINS, William66farmer$00./00.NC 
 Elizabeth50keeping house NC 
 Elizabeth25  NC 
 Georgiana18  NC 
 Saphire16  NC 
 Ada6  NC 
 William6  NC 
94/94PRIDGEN, Ann52keeping house$150. / 00.NCcannot read/write
 John24farm laborer NCcannot read/write
 William23  NCcannot read/write
 Alfred20  NCcannot read/write
 Catherine16  NCcannot read/write
 Laura14  NCcannot read/write
 Sarah10  NCcannot read/write
 Charles8  NC
95/95BORDEAUX, Robert29farmer$300./$300.NC
 Rebecca60keeping house NCcannot read/write
 Travis?/Levi?16farm laborer NC
96/96PRIDGEN, Francis (m)72farmer$400./$200.NC
 Zylphy (f)63keeping house NC
 Virginia21at home NC
 Calvin28farm laborer NC
 REGUT?, Martha12at home NC
 Francis (m)5  NC
97/97PRIDGEN, Charles37farmer$500./$250.NC
 Eliza23keeping house NC
 Charles4  NC
 Luther4/12born mo of July NC

New Hanover Co, NC
PG 168, Caswell Twp, Point Caswell PO, 19 July 1870

100/100PRIDGEN, Tabitha66keeping house$1000./$400.NC
 Ellen40  NC
 ?Agenora? (f)19  NC
101/101PRIDGEN, John74farmer$300./$400.NC
 Mary65keeping house NC
 E_ _line (f)25  NC
 Amanda23  NC
 Caroline21  NC
 ?Fennel (m)34invalid$400./$00.NC

PG 170, Caswell Twp, Point Caswell PO, 19 July 1870

135/135HERRING, Alexander58farmer$1000./$600.NC
 Martha59keeping house NC
 Martha34  NC
 Doratha (f)31  NC
 Amanda21  NC
 John17farm laborer NC
 Lovely? (f)8  NC

page 2 of 6, New Hanover Co, NC
PG 170, Caswell Twp, Point Caswell PO, 19 July 1870

136/136Flyn, John48farmer$300./$400.NC
 Eliza43keeping house NCcannot read/write
 ?Calvin/Owen? (m)21farm laborer NC ; ; ; " " " "
 Albert17  NC
 Pridgen (m)10  NCcannot read/write
 John8  NC
 ?Hendy/Handy? (m)   NC
146/146HILLBURN, Frances (f)30keeping house$300./$400.NC
 Alison (m)13farm laborer NCcannot read/write

PG 171, - 20 July 1870

152/152PRIDGEN, Joanna64keeping house$400./$600.NC
 SQUIRES, Susan24at home NC
 John26farm laborer NC
 Victoria2  NC
179/179FLINN, William25  NC
 Zylpha26  NC

21 July 1870

183/183FLINN, Mary53keeping house$600./$600.NC
 Ann23  NC
 Samuel21farm laborer NC
 Franklin17farm laborer NCcannot read/write
 Thomas15farm laborer NC ; ; ;" " " "
187/187BORDEAUX, John44farm laborer$150./$00.NC
 Caroline35keeping house NC
 Amanda17  NCcannot read/write
 Clinton (m)10  NC ; ; ; " " " "
188/188PRIDGEN, Alfred53farmer$200./$00.NC
 Julia47keeping house NC
 Morris29farm laborer NC
 Alfred25farm laborer NC
 Drucilla (f)22  NC
 Caroline20  NC
 Cornelia15  NCcannot read/write
 Mary12  NC ; ; ; " " " "
 Dallas (m)9  NC
 Juliann7  NC
 Rufus3  NC

PG 173

189/189BORDEAUX, Armstrong41farmer$400./$500.NCcannot read/write
 Victoria20keeping house NC
 Catherine1  NC

PG 178, Columbia Twp, Caswell P O, 8 Aug 1870

45/45LARKINS, Caroline61keeping house$1200./$500.NC
 Mary28  NC
 MOORE, Concelia? (f)9  NC
 Caroline3  NC
 PRIDGEN, Henry8  NC

page 3 of 6, New Hanover Co, NC
PG 192, Columbia Twp, Caswell PO, 16 Aug 1870

259/259BORDEAUX, John42farmer$1500./$900.NC
 Martha37keeping house NC
 Martha17  NC
 Susan7  NC
 MYERS, Russell57farm laborer NC

New Hanover Co, NC
PG 274, Holden Twp, Burgaw PO, 27 June 1870

292/292BODEU, John37farm laborerNC
 Sarah28keeping houseNC
 Ellen8 NC
 William2 NC

Holden Twp, Burgaw PO, 28 June 1870

300/300BORDEAUX, Richard52farmer$1800./$500.NC
 Rebecca47keeping house NC
 James24farm laborer NC
 Robert16farm laborer NC
 Margaret8  NC
302/302HAND, Ellen74keeping house NC
 Julia48at home NC
 William46  NC
 Martha27at home NC
 Henry14farm laborer NC
 BORDEAUX, Council (m)21farm laborer NC

New Hanover Co, NC
PG 275, Holden Twp, Rocky Point PO, 28 June 1870

307/307BOWDEN, John42farmer$1500./$200.NC
 Susan86invalid NCblind
 Lemuel17farm laborer NCcannot read/write
 Julia16  NC
 Mary14  NC
 Jesse (m)11  NCcannot read/write
 Lenah (f)7  NC
 Sarah4  NC

PG 277, Holden Twp, Rocky Point PO, 30 June 1870

251/351BORDEAUX, Mary48keeping house$10000./$800NC(r/e value prob incorrect)
 Mary18  NC
 Richard16farm laborer NC
 Alice15  NC
 John13  NC
 James10  NC
363/363BUNTING, James52farmer$600./$300.NC
 Sarah40keeping house NC

Caswell Twp, Rocky Point PO, 2 July 1870

387/387BUNTING, James52farm laborer$1000./$200.NC
 Rebecca40keeping house NC
 Mary19  NC
 Martha17  NC
 Justin14  NC
 Nichols ? (m)13  NCcannot read/write
 James9  NC
 Virginia5  NC
 Joseph4  NC

New Hanover Co, NC
PG 301, Lincoln Twp, Hilton PO, 6 July 1870

126/126BORDEAUX, Anthony34farmer$1000./$800.NC
 Amanda33keeping house NC
 William11in school NC
 Walter9  NC
 Thomas6  NC
 Mary4  NC
144/144LARKINS, William38farmer$400./$250.NCcannot read/write
 Rebecca39keeping house NC
 Permelia9  NC
167/167LAMB, Eliza A45keeping house$5000./$500.NC
 Elizabeth23  NC
 Catherine20  NC
 Hannah19  NC
 Margaret15  NC
 Mary12in school NC
 Rebecca10  NC

PG 304, Lincoln Twp, Hilton P O, 8 July 1870

176/176BORDEAUX, Daniel51farmer$1500./$800.NC
 Margaret46keeping house NC
 Benjamin24farm laborer$00./$150.NC
 Moses18farm laborer NC
 Daniel16farm laborer NC
 Ida14  NC
 Lafayette12farm laborer NC
182/182HERRING, John50farmer$900./$400.NC
 Tabitha53keeping house NC
 Thomas22farm laborer NC
 Moses18farm laborer NC
 Liston17farm laborer NC
 John14farm laborer NC
 William11farm laborer NC
 Mary9  NC
 Examina (f)7  NC
 David3  NC
184/184HERRING, Samuel47farmer$1000./$500.NC
 Ann50keeping house NC
 Benjamin22farm laborer NC
 James18farm laborer NCcannot read/write
 Ann16  NC ; ; ;" " "
 Ellen14  NC ; ; ;" " "
 Eliza12  NC ; ; ;" " "
 Hillroy (m)9  NC
190/190BORDEAUX, John48farm laborer$100./$00.NC
 Catherine36keeping house NC
 Catherine8  NC
 William6  NC
 Sarah4/12born mo of Jan NC
191/191MILLER, Robert73farmer$300./$300.NC
 BORDEAUX, Elizabeth75keeping house NC
 Mary50seamstress NC

page 5 of 6, 1870 census North Carolina, copied 29 Nov by Amy Bishop Flowers - all listed were white

New Hanover Co, NC
PG 304, Lincoln Twp, Hilton PO, 8 July 1870

192/192PICKETT, Elizabeth53keeping houseNC
 Robert18farm laborerNC
 Benjamin16farm laborerNCcannot read/write
 Priscilla14 NC ; ; ;" " " "

New Hanover Co, NC
PG 399, Wilmington, Wilmington PO, 7 July 1870

780/997TILLEY, Fletcher22butcherNC
 Georgiana21keeping houseNC
 CURTIS, Melvina (f)46no occupationNC
 BORDEAUX, Samuel15laborerNC

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