Pridgen Baptist Church Cemtery

The Pridgen Baptist Church Cemetery, Pridgen, GA.

The Pridgen Baptist Church Cemetery, Pridgen, GA.

G.W. Pridgen
b. 8-29-1818
d, 1-8-1918

he was a corporal in Newbern's Co. CSA

Mary Elizabeth Pridgen
Wife of G.W.
T. M. Pridgen
b. 1-9-1873
d. 2-8-1918
Emma Pridgen Lewis
b. 3-9-1888
d. 6-28-1972
Tom Pridgen
B. 7-13-1912
D. 9-19-1959
harlie Pridgen
Allie T. Pridgen
b. 9-16-1919

Mary Ann Pridgen
Josh Pridgen
d. 1-21-1946
Emma Jane Pridgen
d. 12-28-1953
wife of Josh
Donnie Pridgen
b. 5-22-1910
d. 6-22-1956
Wm Luke Pridgen
b. 1-26-1865
d. 4-18-1944
Sarah Lott Pridgen
b. 5-29-1873
d. 3-9-1960
wife of Wm Luke
Bonnie E. Nettles Pridgen
b 11-25-1940
d. 1-16-1983
Ernest Pridgen
b. 8-19-1893
d. 4-8-1971
Nollie Pridgen
d. 4-14-1982
wife of Ernest
Infant daughter of
Ernest and Nollie Pridgen
no dates
Lonnie Pridgen
b 6-13-1901
d. 2-26-1982
Bertie F. Pridgen
b 11-17-1908
d. 11-28-1994
wife of Lonnie
R L Pridgen
infant son of
Lonnie and Bertie
b 11-3-1928
d. 6-7-1934
Mitchell Ernest Pridgen
b. 11-7-1919
d. 1-29-1990
Della Mary L. Pridgen
b 4-21-1921
d. 2-14-1997
Wife of Mitchell Ernest

Della and Mitchell were married 7-30-1940
Children listed are Frances, Mitchelline, Frank, E. F., Eddie, and Freddie Wayne.

Josh F. Pridgen
d. 2-12-1989
Kathlene Pridgen
d. 3-14-1966
wife of
Josh F.
Josh Randal Pridgen
b. 11-9-1970
d. 11-9-1970
Dan Pridgen
b 1-15-1902
d. 6-14-1958
Mary G. Pridgen
b 7-16-1902
Wife of
Dan Pridgen
Lou Eva Pridgen
b. 4-6-1937
d. 2-7-1959
Arthur Pridgen
d. 11-10-1987
Served in WWI Army.
Ruby Lewis Pridgen
b. 8-8-1905
d. 4-15-1988
wife of
Infant son of
Arthur and Ruby
b 10-14-1923
d. 10-14-1923
Curtis Arthur Pridgen
b. 10-23-1924
d. 6-19-1981
U.S. Navy WWII
John Pridgen
b 1-26-1898
d 4-19-1992
Essie Kay Pridgen
b. 9-9-1901
d. 4-7-1993
wife of
John Pridgen

John and Essie were married 3-24-1922

Mary King Pridgen
d. 2-6-1920

she is possible first wife of John
(she was buried beside him and Essie was on the other side

Ida Pridgen Spell
b. 6-12-1883
d. 11-27-1948
James R. Spell
b. 7-28-1882
d. 6-19-1956
husband of
Ida Pridgen
daughter of
Ida and James Spell
b. 9-2-1908
d. 8-9-1912

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