Bible of Samuel Ruffin

Family Bible of Samuel Ruffin

Samuel Ruffin (son of John Ruffin alias O'Quinn) The Samuel Ruffin lived along Town Creek, probably between Pinetops and Rocky Mount, but closer to Pinetops. One of the daughters married a Vines--they are the progenitors of the Cobb family who lived at Cobbs Cross Roads near Pinetops. It is on Highway 42, house with cupola, named Vinedale or Cobbdale.

Ruffin Bible

Dates of birth,death and marriage copied from the Samuel Ruffin Bible now in the possession of Mrs Lucy Hilliard Vaughan Battle. This the 23rd day of April 1941 by James Byron Hilliard.

Samuel Ruffin and Mary his wife was married the 18th day of September 1794 by L. Ruffin Esq.

William J. Ruffin and Felicia his wife was married Jany the 15th 1824 by B. Sharp Esq.

Was married on the 9th day of Nov. 1824 by Rich Hines Esq. William Tison to Esther J. Ruffin.

Was married at the home of Moses Baker Esq, by John Mercer Esq. William J. Ruffin to Martha Fleetwood on the 23rd Nov. 1826.

James C. Hilliard and Mary his wife was married 10th Feby 1835.

John A. Atkinson and Esther J. Tyson married 1st. Dec. 1831.

John A. Vines and Prudence S. Ruffin married 24th December 1837.

J.J. Horne and Celia his wife was married on the 20th January 1828.


Samuel Ruffin born 4th of December 1773.

Mary Ruffin his wife born the 30th December 1777.

Esther Ruffin the 1st child born the 7th August 1795.

William J. Ruffin the 2nd born the 19th May 1797.

Elizabeth Maund Ruffin born the 24th Oct. 1799.

Esther Johnston Ruffin born the 16th Febry 1803.

Cecilia Olivia Ruffin born the 1st July 1805.

Margaret Huett Ruffin born 6th April 1808.

Jacky Anne Ruffin born the 4th Sept 1810

Mary Ann Ruffin born the 10th Febry 1813.

Prudence Selina Ruffin born the 18th Augt 1815.

Louisa Samuel Ruffin born the 28th Oct 1819.

Mary E. Tyson daughter of William and Esther J. Tyson was born the 11th Augt 1825.

Laurana O. Tyson born the 3rd December 1826.

Mourning B. Hilliard born the 21st December 1835 daughter of James and Mary Ann Hilliard.

Elizabeth M. Hilliard born May 18th 1838.

Samuel R. Hilliard born 10th November 1840.

Jonas J. Hilliard born 14th November 1842.

Esther J. Atkinson born 16th Feby 1803.

Rebecca E. Atkinson born the 11th Feby. 1833.

Jos. J. Atkinson born 5th April 1835.

Robert W.A. Atkinson born the 3rd Decr 1837.

Jonas Johnston Atkinson born the 12th Mar 1840.

Louisa E. Vines born 16th April 1839.

Edward Ruffin Atkinson born the 14th Aug. 1843.

Samuel Ruffin Vines born the 4th of October 1844.

Ann Olivia Vines born the 25th of July 1846.

Mary S. Vines born 16th October 1840.

Prudence S. Vines born 22nd November 1849.


Esther Ruffin the 1st departed this life the 6th day of October 1802.

Departed this life on the 25th day of September 1823 Mrs Felicia A. Ruffin wife of William J. Ruffin, after living with him in sweet harmony for 8 mo. and 9 days.

Mary E. Tyson infant of William and Esther J. Tyson departed this life the 3rd of Sept 1823. Age 23 days.

Departed this life on Sunday the 5th day of December 1825. Louisa Samuel Ruffin.

Samuel Ruffin Departed this life the 17th day of May 1826.

William J. Ruffin departed this life on Thursday 21st of September 1826.

William Tyson departed this life the 12th of December 1827.

Margaret H. Barnes departed this life 10th Feby 1837.

John A. Atkinson departed this life January 2nd 1843.

Esther J. Atkinson departed this life the 14th Aug 1843.

Mary A. Hilliard departed this life the 11th Dec. 1843.

Elizabeth L. Vines departed this life the 7th of January 1844.

Departed this life on the 3rd day of September 1844 Jacky Anne Randolph Departed this life on the 28th of April 1848 Mrs Mary Cobb wife of Stephen Cobb.

Celia Olivia Horne departed this life 20th Oct. 1880.

Prudence S. Vines the wife of Jno A. Vines departed this life the 16th January 1875.

Elizabeth Maund Ruffin the daughter of Samuel and Mary Ruffin died on the 2nd December 1882.

Mary Ruffin the wife of Samuel Ruffin departed this life the 12th day of January 1857.

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