Bible of William C. Gill

Family Bible of William C. Gill

William C. Gill's Family Bible is in the possession of John Gibson Baker, 2nd Great Grandson of Robert G. Gill and Martha Horn Pridgeon. Gibson is a descendant of Burmah, daughter of William C. He was born in 1915, lives in west Texas and is still an active business man. The Bible was passed to Burmah after the death of William C. The Bible was published in 1849, so the entries started after that.


William C Gill was born Jan the 30th 1819
Harriet Gill was born Nov 11th 1821
Nancy Gill was born July the 3rd 1832
Francis Jane Gill was born April the 3rd 1839
Martha Ellen Gill was born March the 1st 1841
Peter Pyphus Gill was born June the 17th 1842
John Forsythe Gill was born Oct the 6th 1843
Sarah Arabella Gill was born June the 5th 1845
Leah Arvilla Gill was born June 5th 1845
Burmah Eugenia Gill was born July the 21st 1847
Calvin Luther Gill was born October 31 1848
Harriet Elizabeth Gill was born 19 June 1850
Josephine Gill was born March the 9th 1852
California Gill was born Dec the 31st 1853

Births - 2nd Wife

This is a slightly different handwriting. Perhaps the first handwriting was that of Harriet, and this is Nancy's? Also, the word borned is used instead of born.

William P. Gill was borned Sept 3rd 1855
Rachael Gill was borned Feb 11th 1857
Lou A. Gill was borned the 21st June 1858
Eliza Gill wife of Wm C Gill was born April ? 1830
Flora Mae Franks borned May 19 1900


Robert Gill father of Wm C. Gill died April 30 1840
Francis Jane Gill died January the 12th 1844
Harriet Gill, wife of William C. Gill, died January the 12th 1854
Rachel Gill died Oct 6th 1858
Nancy J Gill wife of W. C. Gill died March 7th 1871
Martha Gill Mother of Wm C Gill died June 16 1874
Martha E Sullivan died April 19 1910
California Johnson died 24 April 1894
Eliza Gill died August 17 1894
W C. Gill died March 10 1899
Josephine Gill died July the 6th 1900
Calvin Luther Gill died March 20 March 1914
Burmah Eugenia Baker died Dec 19 1920
Leah A. McCorkle died Mar 24 1925

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