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To contribute information to my database, leave a message in my guestbook, including your email address. I will respond by email.

To search for your person in my records, use two files to attempt to match your person to one of the people already in my database. In the first file (list 1) the people in the file are traced back to to Matern Reblogel; these people are a linked group of his descendents. If your person is not found in list 1, then try to match your person to one of the people in the second file (list 2), which is an unlinked group of people, in which the ancestry of the persons cannot be traced back to Matern Reblogel. If your person is not found in either case, he or she should be added to the unlinked group (list 2) for further study and research.

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GEDCOM on RootsWeb World Connect file.

I was the co-author of a book, "Replogle - Reprogle Genealogy", which was published in 1984. It is now out of print, but I prepare an updated online version of it using my data base and genealogy program. The online version provides the same type of information as a book. When you looked up your name, at the beginning of this web page, you were using this online version. The online version of the genealogy can be thought of as in the shape of a Christmas tree, with Matern Reblogel at the top and his descendents spread out below, like sets of branches growing larger as you go down, each set of branches being a succeeding generation following the generation above. This online version of the Replogle-Reprogle genealogy is based on data in GEDCOM format.

Preparing GEDCOM data.

Using GEDCOM data.

If your surname is Replogle or Reprogle, or a descendent of a person with the surname Replogle or Reprogle, there is a good chance you have found your name while viewing in the above manner. If not, it is probably because I do not have information on you and your connection to Matern Reblogle, so it is not available on my data base. If you would like to send me information concerning your linage down from Matern Reblogel, contact me and I will update my records.

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In the "Hello" section you read at the beginning of this web page, you typed in a name of a person not living and brought up the record for the person from the data base, showing the father's name of the person; from there you could go back many generations to Matern Reblogel (if the person was one of his descendents and I had the person in my data base). In the person's record you might have seen something like this:

Title: Replogle (Traxler), Ruth,
Recipient: Replogle, Paul H.,
Author Address: St. Joseph, MI
Abbrev: 00001-00003 Ruth Replogle
Author: Replogle (Traxler), Ruth
Publication: 30 Oct 1961
Note: 00001-00003
Repository Name: File


Lines such as these give you information about how I obtained data about you. To go back to the Hello section and check for similar lines in the screens displayed when you search for a name, click here.

Some sources have been entered into my data base, using data from paper documents stored in my 3-ring binders, such as letters and e-mail messages. As sources were entered into the data base, the TMG program assigns a sequential source number to each source. To view a TMG report showing the sources as entered so far, click on List of sources. The first column is TMG source number. The report is in sequence by author's name.

The source documents used to compile the Replogle-Reprogle Genealogy are stored in 38 3-ring binders of mostly 3" thickness. Documents in 3-ring binders number 1 through 13 have been scanned so far (as of Jan. 2004) and their images stored on compact discs (CDs). These stored images represent source documents with Ref numbers 1 through 6369 (some pages have been discarded). Currently the last Ref number assigned is greater than 17570.

You can view these scanned source documents yourself, at home on your computer, by using the compact disks (CDs) containing copies of these images. To obtain copies, send me an email message.

To view some sample source documents click here.

Source documents are identified by TMG source number in upper left side of document, and Ref number in upper right side of document.

Names in source documents may be annotated with up to three different ID numbers identifying names of descendents: these are the numbers assigned for the 1964, 1974, and 1984 versions of the Replogle-Reprogle Genealogy (as time went on, I learned more about the family, requiring modifications to the previous numbering scheme). This may cause confusion. To view a comparison of these ID numbers, click here.

More information about these CDs is contained in the "CDs" section in this home page. To go to the CD section click here.

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Sources are cited to the appropriate people in the database based on the ID numbers of the people. Thus, the source document is connected to each person mentioned in it. An example of a citation is as follows (see first citation in list of citations TMG report, linked below ):

Header line:

(1) - TMG Source number.
00001-00003 - Page numbers for this source document.
Ruth Replogle - Author of source document.
p00001 - Page number (Ref no) containing name of person.
30 Oct 61 - Date of source document.

Detail lines:

Charles Henry Replogle - name of person mentioned in source document.
2348 - His TMG ID number.
112:411:314 - ID number in 1984 book and Reference number in TMG.

To view a TMG report showing the citations as entered so far, click on List of citations.

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European roots

Reblogel is a Alsacian name and the first records of the family, in a church book, are written in German, one of the languages used in Switzerland. Yet the first fully identified Reblogel ancestor was discovered in the 1980s in Bas-Rhin district, France, formerly Alsace province. This might seem curious and provoke an interest in the historical background. A few events set the stage:

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There is evidence that the Replogle-Reprogle family lived in Switzerland:

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Prior to 1981, there had been indications in family stories that the family was located in France, but there was no documentation to support the stories. They were just family legends. For example, here is part of a letter, undated, from Neita Replogle Simmons (Ref 3759): "We always thought we were of German descent, but my brother Ralph was in Neuremburg a few years ago, and asked the bergameister (mayor) about our family. He was told that Replogle was a French name! We knew the Replogle ancestors had been in the Palatinate section of Germany before coming to America, and also that they were Huguenots. Years ago, Mark Replogle told me they were from Alsace-Loraine originally." (No proof that anyone in the Reblogel family was a Huguenot has been found. )

Then, a tremendous step forward was taken when the three-volume set, �Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1900,� First Edition, by Gale, was published in 1981. In volume three, in the section O - Z, on page 1695 appears the following: �Jacques Rablogle, na (which means no age given), landed at Louisiana in 1721, with two children (no names, nor ages given)." The number reference given with his information, which was 2100, was checked to the summary book which provided the source of the information, as follows: �Passenger and Immigration Lists, Bibliography, Filby, 1538-1900, p 46.� This in turn gave the source as �Alice D. Forsyth and Earlene L. Zerinque, Compilers and Translators: German �Pest Ships�, 1720-1721, New Orleans: Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans, 1969, 30 pages. Interleaved with reprints of original documents. Facsimilies of French holograph passenger lists of five ships that carried German and Swiss families to Louisiana.� This Jacques Rablogle turned out to be John Jacob Reblogel (1688-1746), who lived at Lampertsloch, Bas-Rhin, France prior to his immigration to America (see section on immigrants, below). Knowing that Lampertsloch was a Reblogel locale was a vital clue in subsequent tracing of Reblogel ancestors in Alsace.

The earliest known Reblogel ancestor was Matern (Mattern, Matteus) Reblogel, who was born before 1572 (based upon the birth date of his son named Hans, who was born circa 1572) and died before 12 Jan 1617 (Matern was mentioned as being deceased in his daughter's 1617 marriage record at Bas-Rhin district, France, formerly Alsace province). Thus, we only have indirect evidence of these dates. It is difficult to locate written records for these people before about 1600. Matern has been chosen as the starting point for the genealogy. I have defined my project to include the study of his descendents, with the linking of them to Matern and to each other. Of course, I have identified hundreds of people (by incident) having the surname Reblogel and Replogle / Reprogle, but who have not yet been linked to this main linked population.

John T. Halbert's mail.

To become acquainted with the Alsace home of the Reblogel family you can study some material sent to me by John T. Halbert, who is a cousin of Jean Adelle Replogle, daughter of Frederick Marion Replogle. John lives in Europe and agreed to travel to Soultz Sous Forets (the birthplace of John Rinehart Replogle) and Hoffen (the birthplace of his wife, Maria Barbara Koenig) and collect information about these places, their geography and history.

Jean-Claude Streicher's mail

Another person providing information about Soultz and the surrounding area is Jean-Claude Streicher.

Daniel Peter's mail

Daniel Peter is Conservateur of the Archives du Bas-Rhin and has a magazine concerned with Northern Alsace.

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Descendents who stayed in Alsace

Many Reblogel descendents are identifed as living in Alsace during the period 1628 to 1788.

We don't know the fate of any European Reblogel descendents after 1788.

Descendents who were immigrants to America.

  • Johann Balthasar Reblogel.

    A third immigrant to America was Johann Balthasar Reblogel (1722-ca. 1809-1810). His name in the records is given as Balzer Replogle. He was born at Alsace. The time and place of his immigration to America is unknown.

    For a family group sheet with more detailed information, click here.

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    Several manuscripts and books have been written about the family history.

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    Compact Discs (CDs)

    Replogle-Reprogle genealogy data has been scanned and placed on a set of seven CD-R compact discs (labeled as disks A thru G). They have the following information:
    For a detailed description of these CDs, click here.

    A copy of these CD-R discs is at the following libraries:
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    Replogle-Reprogle newsletters.

    You can read the Replogle-Reprogle genealogy newsletters issued in past years. They are:

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    Topics of interest:

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    To view photographs of various Replogle-Reprogle ancestors, go to the photo gallery.

    To contribute an old photo to this web site, contact me.

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    Sarah Conner, of P.O. Box 7354, Jacksonville, FL 32238, has become the latest member of D.A.R. through the Revolutionary War service of John Rinehart Replogle. On 6 Jan 2003 she sent to me a copy of her membership papers. Her application contains the following: "Supplemental, verified on 7.7.02; State: Florida; City Ponte Vedra; Name of chapter: Ponte Vedra; Computer Code Number: 3064FL; National Number: 798394-843; name: Sarah Elizabeth Conner; Revolutionary ancestor: John Rinehart Replogle, Sr." Her note said: "Here's the DAR paperwork on Rinehart Replogle Sr. Took forever, but I got it!"

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