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Welcome to the INDIA mailing list!   You are now part of a mailing list for people researching their European or Anglo-Indian ancestors in the former British territories of India (including modern Pakistan and Bangladesh), Burma and Ceylon.   You might like to bookmark this page for future reference.

The list administrator is:
Ian Poyntz, Houston, Texas
email: [email protected]

Before posting your first query to the list please read all of this message carefully.    It might be a good idea to check the archives because there is a good chance that your question has been asked and answered before.    The list was started in July 1997 and has received close to 44,000 postings.

To send a message to all subscribers, about 750 of us, send it to the address, [email protected]   We suggest that your first message should be a short introductory piece, describing your family history in India and mentioning specific names, dates and places in which you are interested.    You might have a distant relative on the list!    We have had some amazing success stories.

It will help us to help you if you sign your message with your name, location and e-mail address.

You can find the answers to many of your basic questions at the following sites.

Where Do I Start?

Cathy Day's   Family history in India   web site

Church Records of baptisms, marriages and burials in Colonial India

European Cemeteries in India

Associations and Societies

Background Information on the British in India

The Historical Map Library for India-L

Professional researchers who specialize in India and/or military records

Family History in India Bookstore

Sylvia Murphy's    "Passages to India"    web site

Rootsweb's archives of messages for this list

In the past, this list has had so many messages that it began to overwhelm people.  Therefore, we’ve tried to cut down on the number of messages going to the list.   Before you post a message, you might like to ask yourself if it is likely to interest other members of the mailing list, or whether you are better off sending the message directly to the individual concerned. As a rule of thumb, *questions* should always be posted to the list, in order to reach the maximum number of people, but *answers* are sometimes better sent to an individual.   Here are some guidelines :

It is recommended that when you reply to a message and send it to the list that you delete all parts of the original message that are not pertinent to your reply.    The reason for this is to reduce the download time for those of our subscribers who live in parts of the world where internet time is both expensive and infrequent.

NOTICE: Posting of virus warnings,   test messages,   chain letters,   jokes,   political announcements,   current events,   items for sale,   flames, etc.,   (in other words - spam),   is NOT ALLOWED.

If you find that you are receiving too many emails, you might like to change to DIGEST mode, instead of LIST mode.   DIGEST mode will bunch several messages together and send them as one message.   To change, unsubscribe to LIST and subscribe to DIGEST.

When you go on holidays, or wish to cease having the INDIA messages sent to you for some time, you might like to unsubscribe. Later, when you return, you can re-subscribe again.

If you change your email address *PLEASE* remember to unsubscribe from the INDIA mailing list with your old address first, otherwise the poor old list administrator will become swamped by bounce messages.

If you have any queries, questions or suggestions about the administration of the list, or are having difficulty sending or receiving messages, please email us at: [email protected]

Good luck with your research!

Ian Poyntz
Houston, Texas
The Poyntz Family in India


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