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Pedigees 361-365: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 361

           Dreux de BOVES 
       Enguerrand_I COUCY (1052-1116)
           Adele de COUCY 
   Thomas de COUCY (1082-1129)
           Letard de Roucy MARLE 
       Ada de MARLE 
Melesinde de COUCY  [previous]
       Guy de CRECY 
   Melisende de CRECY (-1147)

Pedigree 362

           Gilbert I (-1084)
       Aubrey de MELLO 
   Alberic I (1110-1183)
                  *Hildouin II (-992) [more]
               Manasses (-1037)
           Hugh II (1035-1103)
                  *Robert_II the_Pious (970-1031) [more]
               Constance of France 
                  *Constance of_Provence (-1032) [more]
       Aelis DAMMARTIN (-1139)
           Rohais (Roaide) de BULLES (1046-)
Aubrey_II de Danmartin (1135-1200) [previous]
              *Ralph BASSET (-1120) [more]
           Thomas BASSET 
              *_____ de BUCI  [more]
       Gilbert BASSET (-1167)
   Joan BASSET 
               Nigel d' OILLY (-1112)
           Robert II d' OILLY (-1192)
       Edith d' OILLY 
                  *Sigulf FITZFORNE (1030-) [more]
               Forne Fitzsigulf of GREYSTOKE (1055-1129)
           Edith Fitzforne of GREYSTOKE 

Pedigree 363

      *Hugh de_Creil (1030-1101) [more]
   Renaud II (-1162)
      *Marguerite de ROUCI (1035-) [more]
Matilda of_Clermont, Ponthieu & Dammartin (1138-1200) [previous]
                  *Richwin (-1028) [more]
               Louis_II of Montbeliard (1019-1067)
                  *Hildegarde of_Egisheim  [more]
           Dietrich I (1045-1105)
                  *Frederick II (995-1026) [more]
               Sophia of_Bar (1018-1093)
                  *Mathilde of_Swabia (-1043) [more]
       Renaud I (1090-1149)
                  *Renaud I (986-1057) [more]
               Guillaume I "the Great" de Bourgogne (1024-1087)
                  *Adelais (Judith) of Normandy (0990-1037) [more]
           Ermentrude of Burgundy (1060-1105)
                  *Adalbert III de Longwy (1000-1048) [more]
               Stephanie de LONGWY (1035-1109)
                  *Clemence de Foix  [more]
   Clemence of Bar-le-duc (-1183)
                  *Gerhard III (-1045) [more]
               Gerhard IV (-1070)
                  *Gisela of Lower Lorraine  [more]
           Gerhard I (1057-1120)
                  *Adalbert (Albert) I (-998) [more]
               Hedwig of Namur (-1080)
                  *Ermentruda (Adelaide) (970-1022) [more]
       Gisela of Vaudemont (1090-1127)
                  *Gerard II (-1038) [more]
               Gerhard III (-1075)
                   Berta of Burgundy 
           Hedwig of Egisheim (-1126)
               Richarda (Petronilla) of Verdun (-1098)

Pedigree 364

   Herbert of_Winchester (-1130)
Herbert FITZHERBERT (-1155) [previous]
                  *Eudes I of Chartres (950-995) [more]
               Eudes II of Blois (-1037)
                  *Bertha of_Burgundy (962-1010) [more]
           Theobald_III of Blois (1012-1089)
                  *Robert I d' AUVERGNE (-1032) [more]
               Ermengarde of Auvergne (-1042)
                  *Ermengarde of Arles  [more]
       Stephen_III of_Blois (1046-1101)
           Garsinde du Maine 
   Emma of_Blois 
       Unknown Mistress 

Pedigree 365

       Hugh CORBEAU (CORBET) 
   Robert CORBET (-1121)
Sibyl CORBET (-1157) [previous]

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