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Pedigees 356-360: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 356

               Dairmait MacMael nam Bo (-1072)
           Murchad (-1070)
                  *Donnchad (-1064) [more]
               Darbforgaill (-1080)
       Donnchad MacMurchada (-1115)
   Dermod na Gall MACMOROUGH (1100-1171)
           Morough O'Brien 
       Darfargila O'BRIEN (-1080)
Eva MURCHADA (1140-1177) [previous]
       Muirchertach O'TOOLE 
   Mor O'TOOLE (-1164)
           Loigsech O'Moore 
       Cacht O'MOORE 
           Gormflaith O'Keeley O'MOORE 

Pedigree 357

       Hugh de PORT (1024-1096)
   Henry de PORT (1079-)
       Orenge (1028-)
John de PORT (1117-1168) [previous]
   Hawise (1089-)

Pedigree 358

   Roger de ST.JOHN 
Muriel ST.JOHN  [previous]
           Ralph de la HAYE 
       Robert de la HAY 
           Oliva d' ALBINI 
   Cecilia de la HAY 

Pedigree 359

   Walter CANTILUPE (1102-)
Mrs Walter CANTILUPE (1129-) [previous]
   Mrs Walter CANTILUPE (1104-)

Pedigree 360

           Hugh II de Gournay 
       Hugh III de GOURNAY (1044-1110)
   Gerard de GOURNAY (-1096)
           Gerard de Fleitel 
       Basilia de FLEITEL 
           (Miss) d' Evereux Fleitel 
Hugh IV de GOURNAY (1096-1180) [previous]
      *William de WARREN (1055-1089) [more]
   Edith de WARENNE 
      *Gundreda (1051-1085) [more]

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