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Pedigees 346-350: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 346

   Ralph PICOT 
Alice PICOT (1154-) [previous]

Pedigree 347

  *Thomas BASSET (-1181) [more]
Thomas BASSET (-1220) [previous]
  *Adeliza (Aline) de DUNSTANVILLE (-1186) [more]

Pedigree 348

           William MALBANK 
       William MALBANK (-1109)
   William MALBANK 
Philippa MALBANK  [previous]

Pedigree 349

               Walkelin de FERRIERES (1010-1089)
           Henry de FERRERS (1036-1088)
       Robert de FERRERS (1062-1139)
           Bertha ROBERTS (1040-)
   Robert FERRERS (1118-1162)
           Andre Gui de Nal de VITRIE 
       Hawise de VITRE (1086-)
           Agnes de Burgh 
William de FERRERS (1136-1190) [previous]
               Ranulph PEVEREL (1030-)
           William PEVEREL (-1113)
                   Ingelric of ENGLAND (1006-)
               Ingelrica Maud 
       William PEVERELL (-1155)
           Adeliza (-1119)
   Margaret PEVERELL (1114-)
                  *Hugh MONTGOMERY (-1056) [more]
               Roger de MONTGOMERY (1030-1094)
                  *Joscelina de TORFULUS (975-1068) [more]
           Roger de MONTGOMERIE (-1123)
                  *William_II TALVAS (-1070) [more]
               Mabel TALVAS (1015-1079)
                  *Hildeburg (-1067) [more]
       Avise de LANCASTER (-1149)
                  *Bernard I (986-1047) [more]
               Adalbert III (-1088)
                  *Amelia of Aulnay (-1072) [more]
           Almodis de la MARCHE (1070-1117)

Pedigree 350

                   Ragenwald (Rogwald) 
               Robert de BRUS (1000-1066)
                   Ardogia (Arlogia) of Russia 
           William de BRAOSE (1049-1089)
                  *Alan_III of_Brittany (997-1040) [more]
               Emma of BRITTANY 
                  *Bertha of CHARTRES (-1085) [more]
       Phillip de BRAOSE (1075-1112)
                  *Gilbert FitzRichard de CLARE (1066-1114) [more]
               Gilbert de CLARE (1100-1147)
                  *Adelaide de_Clermont (1074-) [more]
           Agnes de CLARE 
                  *Robert de BEAUMONT (1049-1118) [more]
               Isabel de BEAUMONT (1100-)
                  *Isabel de VERMANDOIS (1081-1131) [more]
   William de BRAOSE (1112-1179)
           Jadhael de TOTNES (1049-)
       Eva de TOTNES (1084-)
                  *Eustace de PICQUIGNY (-1085) [more]
               Arnoul de PICQUIGNY 
           (Miss) de PICQUAGNY 
Sibyl de BRAIOSE (1150-1227) [previous]
      *Miles FitzWalter (1097-1143) [more]
   Berta of Hereford (1123-)
      *Sybil de NEUFMARCH (1090-1143) [more]

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