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Pedigees 321-325: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 321

       Rodelphus (Raoul) (997-1036)
                  *Guy-a-la-Barbe-Blanche  [more]
               Baldwin II of Boulogne (976-1033)
           Maude de BOULOGNE 
                  *Arnulf of GAND (-993) [more]
               Adele of Holland 
   Robert le BLOUNT (1029-1066)
           Hugh II of St. Pol 
       Rosetta de ST. POL 
                  *Hugh I de MONTREUIL (-1000) [more]
               Enguerrand (Isambart) I (-1046)
                  *Gisela of France  [more]
           Elisenda de PONTHIEU 
              *Adele of Holland  [more]
Gilbert le BLOUNT (1055-) [previous]
       Walkelin FERRIERES (-1066)
   Gundreda de FERRERS (1036-)

Pedigree 322

       Humbert de MONTE CANISO 
   Hubert de MONTE CANISO (-1107)
Hubert de MUNCHENSEY (-1162) [previous]

Pedigree 323

              *Enguerrand (Isambart) I (-1046) [more]
           Hugh_II of_Ponthieu (-1052)
              *Adele of Holland  [more]
       Enguerrand II of Ponthieu (-1053)
           Bertha of Aumale 
   Piers de VALOINES 
                  *Richard I "The Fearless" of Normandy (933-996) [more]
               Richard II "the Good" of Normandy (958-1026)
                  *Gunnora of Denmark (936-1031) [more]
           Robert II "the Devil" of Normandy (1000-1035)
                  *Conan_I "le Tort" of_Rennes (0927-992) [more]
               Judith of Brittany (-1017)
                  *Ermangarde d' ANJOU (952-992) [more]
       Adeliza of Normandy (1030-1081)
               Fulbert of_Falaise (970-)
           Herleve de FALAISE (1003-)
Muriel de VALOINES  [previous]
           Hubert de RYE 
       Eudo de RIE (-1120)
   Albreda de RIE 
                  *Godfrey de BRUINE (953-1015) [more]
               Gilbert de BRUINE (-1040)
           Richard FitzGilbert de CLARE (1035-1090)
       Rohaise de CLARE (1055-1121)
                  *Walter GIFFARD (978-) [more]
               Walter GIFFARD (1015-1084)
           Rohese GIFFARD (-1113)
                   Gerard de FLEITEL 
               Ermentrude (Agnes) FLAITEL 
                  *(Miss) d' EVEREUX  [more]

Pedigree 324

          *Rodelphus (Raoul) (997-1036) [more]
       William le BLOUNT (1036-1066)
          *Rosetta de ST. POL  [more]
   (Mr.) le BLOUNT (1065-)
William le BLOUNT (1097-) [previous]

Pedigree 325

   Rolf TAILLEBOIS (1019-)
Adeliza Matilda TAILLEBOIS (1092-) [previous]
   Azeline (1020-)

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