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Pedigees 286-290: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 286

      *Richard "Copped Hat" FITZALAN (1313-1375) [more]
   Richard FITZALAN (1346-1397)
      *Alianor of_Lancaster (-1371) [more]
Elizabeth FITZALAN (1375-1425) [previous]
      *William de BOHUN (1310-1360) [more]
   Elizabeth de BOHUN (-1385)
      *Elizabeth de BADLESMERE (1313-1356) [more]

Pedigree 287

                  *William de HARCOURT (1237-1278) [more]
               Richard de HARCOURT (1256-1292)
                  *Eleanor (Hillaria) HASTINGS (1235-1295) [more]
           John de HARCOURT (1277-1330)
                  *John de BEKE  [more]
               Margaret de BEKE (1256-1304)
       William de HARCOURT (1300-1349)
              *Eudo (Eon) la ZOUCHE (1244-1279) [more]
           Ellen la ZOUCHE (1273-1344)
              *Millicent de CANTILUPE (1250-1298) [more]
   Thomas I HARCOURT (1330-1417)
                  *John de GREY (-1271) [more]
               Henry de GREY (-1308)
                  *Lucy de MOHUN  [more]
           Richard de GREY (1281-1333)
                  *Hugh de COURTENAY (1248-1291) [more]
               Eleanor de COURTENAY (-1301)
                  *Eleanor (Ailenor) le DESPENSER (1260-1328) [more]
       Jane de GREY (1300-1369)
           Joan Fitz PAYN (1286-1335)
Thomas II HARCOURT (1377-1461) [previous]
           John de GREY (-1311)
       John de GREY (1300-1359)
              *William de ODYNGSELLS (-1294) [more]
           Margaret de ODYNGSELLS 
              *Ela Fitz Walter  [more]
   Maud GREY (1330-1390)
           John MARMION 
       Avice MARMION 

Pedigree 288

   Robert FRANCEYS 
Jane FRANCEYS (1383-) [previous]

Pedigree 289

   Miles STAPLETON (1357-1419)
Brian STAPLETON (1379-1438) [previous]
           Thomas de UFFORD (1286-1314)
       Edmund de UFFORD (-1374)
                  *Robert FitzRoger (1247-1310) [more]
               John fitz Robert de CLAVERING (1266-1331)
                   Margery de la ZOUCHE 
           Eve de CLAVERING (1305-1369)
                   Robert de TIBETOT 
               Hawise de TIBETOT (-1345)
   Ela UFFORD 
           Simon de PIERPONT 
       Sibilia de PIERPONT 

Pedigree 290

                  *William BAEDOLF (-1289) [more]
               Hugh BARDOLF (1259-1304)
                  *Julianna de GOURNAY (-1295) [more]
           Thomas BARDOLF (1282-1328)
                   Robert AGUILLON (-1285)
               Isabel AGUILLON (1258-1292)
                  *Joan de FERRERS (1230-1267) [more]
       John BARDOLF (1313-1363)
              *William de GRANDISON (1255-1335) [more]
           Agnes de GRANDISON (-1357)
                   Louis de SAVOIE 
               Blanche de SAVOIE (-1323)
                   Jeanne de MONTFORT 
   William BARDOLF (1349-1385)
               Robert DAMORY 
           Roger DAMORY (-1321)
       Elizabeth DAMORY (1318-1363)
          *Elizabeth de CLARE (1295-1360) [more]
Cecily BARDOLF (-1432) [previous]
       Michael de POYNINGS 
   Agnes de POYNINGS (-1403)
           Richard ROKESLEY 
       Joan ROKESLEY 

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