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Pedigees 276-280: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 276

           John BOURCHIER (-1321)
       Robert BOURCHIER (-1349)
               Walter of Colchester 
           Helen of Colchester 
   William BOURCHIER (-1375)
                  *Randle de PRAERS (-1301) [more]
               Richard de PRAERS (-1318)
           Thomas PRAYERS (-1348)
       Margaret PRAYERS 
               Hugh of Essex 
           Anne of Essex 
William BOURGCHIER (1374-1420) [previous]
                  *Matthew de LOVAINE (-1258) [more]
               Mathew de LOVAINE (-1302)
                   Muriel (Amy) (-1275)
           Thomas de LOVAINE (1291-1345)
               Maud POYNTZ (-1306)
       John de LOVAINE (1318-1347)
               Robert de BASING 
           Joan de BASING (-1318)
   Alianore de LOVAINE (1345-1397)
           Thomas de WESTON (-1354)
       Margaret de WESTON (-1349)

Pedigree 277

           John BERNERS (-1347)
       John BERNERS (-1362)
                   Richard de STONORE 
               John STONOR (-1354)
                  *(Miss) HARNHULL  [more]
           Elizabeth STONOR 
                  *Gerard de L'ISLE (1304-1360) [more]
               Matilda LISLE 
                  *Eleanor STRANGE (1308-1347) [more]
   James BERNERS (1348-1388)
                  *Nicolas I (-1217) [more]
               William ST. OMER (-1265)
                  *Margareta of Hungary (-1223) [more]
           Thomas de ST. OMER (-1315)
              *Petronilla de LACY (-1288) [more]
       Katherine ST. OMER 
Richard BERNERS (1388-1421) [previous]
   Alice (-1402)

Pedigree 278

       John DALYNGRUGE (-1335)
   Edward (Walter?) DALYNGRUGE (1372-1398)
               John de la LYNDE (-1272)
           Walter de la LYNDE (1248-1317)
                   Adam de HARTLEY 
               Claricia de HARTLEY (-1283)
       Joan de la LYNDE 
Philippe DALYNGRIDGE (1398-1421) [previous]
       John CHAMOND 
   Margaret CHAMOND (1376-)

Pedigree 279

       Philip TILNEY 
   Frederick TILNEY 
           Richard ROSS 
       Grace ROSS 
Philip TILNEY (-1453) [previous]
           Saher de ROCHFORD 
       John ROCKFORD 
           Joan ST.HILLARY 
   Margaret ROCKFORD 
       (Miss) ROSSE 

Pedigree 280

                  *Robert FitzJohn de THORP (-1284) [more]
               John de THORP (-1323)
           Robert de THORP (1293-1329)
               Agnes (-1299)
       Edmund de THORP (-1393)
               Edmund de HENGRAVE 
           Beatrix de HENGRAVE (-1336)
   Edmund THORPE (-1419)
           Robert BAYNARD 
       Joan BAYNARD (-1399)
Isabel THORPE (-1436) [previous]
                   Roger de NORTHWODE 
               John de NORTHWODE 
                   Bona de WANTON 
           Roger NORTHWODE (1307-1361)
                  *Bartholomew de BADLESMERE (-1248) [more]
               Joan BADLESMERE 
       John de NORTHWODE (1321-1378)
                  *William de SAYE (1253-1295) [more]
               Geoffrey SAY (1281-1321)
                   Elizabeth (-1295)
           Juliane de SAYE (-1329)
                  *William LEYBOURNE (1242-1309) [more]
               Idonea LEYBOURNE (-1369)
                  *Juliana de SANDWICH (1245-1327) [more]
   Joan de NORTHWODE 
           Robert HART 
       Joan HART (-1398)

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