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Pedigees 111-115: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 111

                  *William WENTWORTH of Wentworth-Woodhouse (1280-1295) [more]
               William WENTWORTH of Wentworth-Woodhouse 
                  *Dionysia de ROTHERFIELD  [more]
           John WENTWORTH of North Elmsall (1340-)
                  *William POLLINGTON  [more]
               Isabel POLLINGTON 
                  *Isabella HORBERY  [more]
       John WENTWORTH of North Elmsall (1413-)
               Richard le TYAS 
           Joan le TYAS 
                   Richard le TANKERSLEY 
               Alice le TANKERSLEY 
   John WENTWORTH of North Elmsall 
           _____ DRONSFIELD 
       Agnes DRONSFIELD 
John WENTWORTH  [previous]
       Richard BEAUMONT 
   Joan or Elizabeth BEAUMONT 

Pedigree 112

   William CALVERLEY 
Elizabeth CALVERLEY  [previous]

Pedigree 113

                  *John SAVILE  [more]
               John SAVILE 
                  *Margaret RISHWORTH  [more]
           Henry SAVILE 
                  *Thomas ELAND  [more]
               Isabel ELAND 
       Thomas SAVILE 
               Simon THORNHILL 
           Elizabeth THORNHILL 
   John SAVILE 
           John PILKINGTON 
       Margaret PILKINGTON 
Isabel SAVILE  [previous]
                  *William GASCOIGNE  [more]
               William GASCOIGNE (-1373)
                  *Elizabeth BOLTON  [more]
           William GASCOIGNE (-1419)
                   William FRANKE 
               Agnes FRANKE 
                  *Alice de ALDWALDLEY  [more]
       William GASCOIGNE (-1422)
               Alexander MOWBRAY 
           Elizabeth MOWBRAY 
                   Henry MUSTERS 
               Elizabeth MUSTERS 
           Henry WYMAN (-1411)
       Joan WYMAN 
                   Thomas de BARDEN 
               John de BARDEN 
                  *Elizabeth MAUDUIT  [more]
           Agnes de BARDEN 
                   Thomas THIRKILL 
               Alice THIRKILL 

Pedigree 114

                  *William de COTTON (1230-) [more]
               William COTTON (1265-)
                   Isabel (1234-)
           Willmus COTTON (1295-)
               Joan (1269-)
       Robert COTTON (1315-1375)
           Joanna (1284-)
   Thomas COTTON (1348-)
       Eleanor (1325-)
Eleanor COTTON (1400-1460) [previous]
       _____ GREENE 
   Elizabeth GREENE (1350-)

Pedigree 115 Thomas Blount

[See Pedigree 115A for Eleanor Beauchamp]
                  *William le BLOUNT (-1280) [more]
               Walter BLOUNT (-1322)
                  *Isabel de BEAUCHAMP (1236-1323) [more]
           John le BLOUNT (1298-1358)
                   William SODINGTON (1250-)
               Joanna of Soddington (1274-1331)
       Walter BLOUNT (1348-1403)
           Isolda de MOUNTJOY (1307-)

   Thomas BLOUNT (1378-1456)
                  *Fernan Gomez de TOLEDO (1282-) [more]
               Gomez Perez de Toledo VAZQUEZ (1308-)
                   Teresa Vazquez de ACUNA (1285-)
           Don Diego GOMEZ (1334-)
                  *Diego Garcia de TOLEDO (1284-) [more]
               Teresa Garcia de TOLEDO (1312-)
                   Maria Garcia GUDIEL (1297-)
       Sancha de AYALA (1356-1418)
                  *Pedro Lopez de AYALA (1278-1304) [more]
               Fernan Perez de AYALA (1304-1385)
                  *Sancha Fernandez BARROSO (1282-) [more]
           Inez Alfon de AYALA (1337-)
                  *Diego Gutierrez de ZAVALLOS (1282-) [more]
               Elvira Alvarez de ZAVALLOS (1310-)
                  *Juana Garcia CARRILLO  [more]
Thomas BLOUNT (1420-1468) [previous]
                  *Geoffrey de GRESLEY (-1331) [more]
               John de GRESLEY (1328-1395)
                  *Margaret GERNON (-1352) [more]
           Nicholas de GRESLEY (1345-1374)
                  *Thomas SWINNERTON (-1361) [more]
               Alice SWINNERTON (1330-1350)
                  *Maud de HOLAND (1310-1361) [more]
       Thomas GRESELY 
               Thomas WASTENEYS (1321-1364)
           Thomasine (Westeneys) de WASTENEYS (1345-)
               Joan (Johanna) TOLY (1325-1392)
   Margaret de GRESLEY (1392-)
           Thomas (Walse) WALSH (1343-)
       Margaret WALSH (1369-)
           Katherine (1348-)

Pedigree 115A Eleanor Beauchamp

[See Pedigree 115 for Thomas Blount]
                  *John de BEAUCHAMP (1274-1336) [more]
               John BEAUCHAMP (1301-1343)
                   Joan CHENDUIT (-1327)
           Eleanor BEAUCHAMP (1328-)
                  *John ST.JOHN (-1329) [more]
               Margaret ST.JOHN (1304-1361)
                  *Isabel COURTENAY  [more]

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