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Pedigees 946-950: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 946

   Renaud de Cuiseaux 
Pons I de CUISEAUX  [previous]

Pedigree 947

       Ulric I (-1070)
   Rudolph (-1099)
Ulric (-1130) [previous]

Pedigree 948

               Leopold (-1040)
           Egon I (1002-)
       Unknown (1027-)
                  *Burkard (-960) [more]
               Albert I (-1003)
           Bertha of Calw 
   Egon II (1055-)
Egon III (1085-1158) [previous]

Pedigree 949

                   Berthold I (-0982)
               Berthold II (-1005)
           Berthold III (Bezelin) von VILLENGEN (970-1024)
                  *Walther?  [more]
               Bertha von BUEREN 
       Berthold I (-1078)
                   Guntram the Rich (-973)
               Lanzelin von HABSBURG (-981)
                  *Itha of Calm  [more]
           Luitgard von HABSBURG 
                  *Eberhard III (915-) [more]
               Luitgard von THURGAU 
   Berthold II (-1111)
          *Louis_II of Montbeliard (1019-1067) [more]
       Beatrice of Montbeliar & Bar (-1092)
          *Sophia of_Bar (1018-1093) [more]
Conrad (-1152) [previous]
           Cuno (-1026)
       Rudolph (-1080)
              *Kuno (-1020) [more]
           Richilda von OENINGEN 
              *Rechilde of Germany  [more]
   Agnes de RHEINFELDEN (-1111)
          *Henry_III "the Black" (1017-1056) [more]
       Maud of Germany (-1060)
          *Agnes of Aquitaine (1024-1077) [more]

Pedigree 950

  *Godfrey_I of Namur (1067-1139) [more]
Clemence de NAMUR (-1158) [previous]
  *Ermensinde of Luxembourg (1080-1143) [more]

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