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Pedigees 831-835: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 831

  *Hermann_II (-1003) [more]
Gisela of Swabia (0985-1042) [previous]
  *Gerberga of_Burgundy (-1016) [more]

Pedigree 832

                   Bozon Count of PROVENCE (0908-)
               William I Count of PROVENCE (0958-1018)
                   Constance Wife of Bozon PROVENCE (0946-)
           William II Count of PROVENCE (1005-1018)
                  *Geoffroy I "Grisegonnelle" (940-987) [more]
               Adela (Blanca) D' ANJOU (0960-1029)
                  *Adelaide de_Vermandois (-975) [more]
       Guillaume Bertrand Count of Part of PROVENCE (1002-1054)
              *Othon Guillaume (958-1026) [more]
           Gerberge BURGUNDY (1007-)
              *Ermentrude de Roucy (-1005) [more]
   Guillaume Bertrand II Count of FORCALQUIER (1028-1090)
       Aldegarde Mrs. Guillaume Bertrand PROVENCE (1004-)
Adelais Countess of FORCALQUIER (1054-1129) [previous]
       Guy Count of CAVANEZ (1004-)
   Adelaide (Adelais) CAVANEZ (1030-)

Pedigree 833

  *Humbert I of SAVOY (975-1042) [more]
Eudes SAVOY (1002-1057) [previous]
       Arnold von SCHANNIS (0948-)
   Ancelie von LENZBURG (0974-)

Pedigree 834

  *Ulric Manfred II (978-1035) [more]
Adelais SUZA (1004-) [previous]
      *Adalbert (936-971) [more]
   Bertha IVREA (0980-)
      *Gerberga of Macon (0970-986) [more]

Pedigree 835

   Aimon I of VIENNE (1006-1016)
Gerold of GENEVA (1032-1045) [previous]
      *Baldwin III of Flanders (933-961) [more]
   Bertha of FLANDERS (1008-)
      *Matilda Billung of Saxony (915-1008) [more]

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