Magna Charta

Magna Charta


The following lists the people directly involved in the Magna Charta. The lists are from the book "Magna Charta Sureties, 1215". I am not completely sure of the identity of some of the people. When a person is listed who is in my database there is a link to that person's entry in my index. Later I will be adding a section showing immigrant ancestors who are their descendants.

The Magna Charta was signed by King John, 1215

          John Lackland (1167-1216)
          great(22) grand father

The Twenty-Five Sureties of the Magna Charta, 1215

       1. Richard de Clare, Earl of Clare
          Richard de CLARE (1153-1217)
          great(23) grand father
       2. William de Fortibus, Earl of Aumale (1)
?         William Vivonia de FORTIBUS (-1259)
          great(20) grand father
       3. Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Gloucester (2)
?         Geoffrey fitz Geoffrey de MANDEVILLE (-1216)
          great(22) uncle
          through their ancestor Geoffrey FitzPiers 4th Earl of Essex (1165-1213).
       4. Saher de Quincy, Earl of Winchester
          Saire de QUINCEY (1155-1219)
          great(22) grand father
       5. Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford
          Henry de BOHUN (1176-1220)
          great(22) grand father
       6. Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk
          Roger BIGOD (1150-1221)
          great(24) grand father
       7. Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford
          Robert de VERE (1164-1221)
          great(22) grand father
       8. William Marshall, the Younger (2)
?         William MARSHALL 
          great(22) uncle
          through their ancestor William MARSHALL 3rd Earl of Pembroke (1146-1219).
       9. Robert fitz Walter of Dunmow
          Robert FitzWalter (-1235)
          great(23) grand father
      10. Gilbert de Clare
          Gilbert de CLARE (1180-1230)
          great(22) grand father
      11. Eustace de Vesci (3)
?         Eustace de VESCI (-1216)
          not directly related.
      12. William de Hardell, Mayor of London (4)
      13. William de Mowbray
          William de MOWBRAY (-1223)
          great(24) grand father
      14. Geoffrey de Say
          Geoffrey de SAYE (1155-1230)
          great(25) grand father
      15. Roger de Mumbezon (or Mont Begon) (2)
      16. William de Huntingfield
          William de HUNTINGFIELD (1165-1220)
          great(26) grand father
      17. Robert de Ros of Hamlake
          Robert de ROS (1177-1226)
          great(21) grand father
      18. John de Lacy, Constable of Chester, Baron of Holton
          John de LACY (1192-1240)
          great(22) grand father
      19. William de Albini (or Aubigny) of Belvoir
          William d' AUBIGNY (1161-1236)
          great(24) grand father
      20. Richard de Percy (5)
          Richard de PERCY (1181-1244)
          great(24) uncle
          through their ancestor Jocelin of Louvain Baron Percy (1130-1180).
      21. William Malet
          William II MALET (1176-1217)
          great(22) grand father
      22. John fitz Robert
          John FITZROBERT (-1240)
          great(23) grand father
      23. William de Lanvallei
          William de LANVALLEI (-1217)
          great(26) grand father
      24. Hugh Bigod, later Earl of Norfolk
          Hugh BIGOD (1178-1224)
          great(23) grand father
      25. Richard de Muntfichet, Baron of Stanstead (2) (alias Richard Gernon)
?         Richard de MONTFITCHET 
          not directly related.

?   identification of this individual is a guess. probably not correct.

(1) known issue extinct after 3rd generation
(2) no known issue surviving
(3) known issue extinct after 4th generation
(4) nothing known of him or of his family
(5) no legitimate issue. He had an illeg. son, Sir Henry de Percy, who
    held the market and fair and manor of Settle (Yorks), who had a son
    Alexander who held land in Arram, par. of Leconfield. Descendants
    may exist. GEC X p. 452

Persons Named in the Preamble of the Magna Charta
          As Advisors of King John


       1. Stephen de Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury
       2. Henry, Archbishop of Dublin
       3. William, Bishop of London
       4. Peter, Bishop of Winchester
       5. Joceline, Bishop of Bath and Glastonbury
       6. Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln
       7. Walter, Bishop of Worcester
       8. William, Bishop of Coventry
       9. Benedict, Bishop of Rochester
      10. Pandulph, the Pope's subdeacon and familiar (Papal Legate)
      11. Almeric, Master of the Knights Templar in England


       1. William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke
          William MARSHALL (1146-1219)
          great(22) grand father
       2. William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury
          William LONGESPEE (1176-1225)
          great(22) grand father
       3. William, Earl of Warren (and Surrey)
          William de WARENNE (1166-1240)
          great(23) grand father
       4. Alan of Galloway, Constable of Scotland
          Alan of Galloway (-1234)
          great(23) grand father
       5. Warin fitz Gerold (known issue extinct in 3rd generation)
       6. Hibert de Burgh, Seneschal of Poiltou
       7. Peter fitz Herbert
?         Piers FITZHERBERT (-1235)
          great(21) grand father
       8. Hugh de Nevil
       9. Matthew fitz Herbert
?         Mathew FITZHERBERT (-1231)
          great(22) uncle
          through their ancestor Herbert FITZHERBERT (-1204).
      10. Thomas Basset
          Thomas BASSET (-1220)
          great(23) grand father
      11. Alan Basset
          Alan BASSET (1155-1233)
          great(22) grand father
      12. William d'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel
          William d' AUBIGNY (1165-1220)
          great(24) grand father
      13. Robert de Roppel
      14. John Marshall of Hingham
      15. John fitz Hugh