Notes: Genealogy of Homer Beers James

Genealogy of Homer Beers James

Notes and Corrections

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Quincy Line

Berkeley Line Miscellaneous Notes from Mark Barrett [email protected]
Cassivellaunus (Cadwallan) father of
Tasciovanus (Teauhant) father of
Eppilus and Cunobelinus (Cymbelline) father of
Caratacus (Caradog - Caradoc)
Togodumnus (Togidumnus) > Cogidumnus
Adminius (Amminius)

Arviregus (Arvirigus), a Silurian chieftain, was most likely the son of Caratacus or a nephew, he was definately not the son of Cunobelinus and did not marry Claudius' daughter - see Juvenal - he was a deadly enemy of Rome. [For another opinion about Arviragus, see comments by Dr. J. C. Marler, Genuissa, Arviragus, and Claudius - PBM]

Eppilus likewise was not either his son but more likely his older brother.

Caratacus' daughter, Claudia, was born in Rome, and married Pudens hence becomming the first Briton to be mentioned in the Bible.

Cunobelinus was never educated in Rome, the forstalling of the invasion coming from the defeat in the Black Forest of Rome's three legions - possibly assisted by Cunobelinus and the Catuvellauni.

There never was a Guiderius, nor a Marius - other than a possible governor, and Cogidumnus became client king for Rome after Caratacus' capture at the hands of the Brigante queen Cartimandua. These were figments of Geoffrey of Monmouth's wild imagination. As is any lineage of the Catuvelluani after Cogidumnus / Arviregus.

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