Vol I File 16: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

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Vol I File 16: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

Part M.

Early German Ancestors (King of Bavaria, Dukes of Saxony, Kings of Germany, Holy Roman Emperors, Dukes of Swabia, and Dukes of Brabant) to Margaret of France, Second Wife of Edward I., King of England

Ref: Canning, "100 Great Kings, Queens, and Ruler of the World," pp. 222-227. (Otto I.)

Ref: Previte-Orton, "The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. II., The Twelfth Century to the Renaissance"

Ref: Thompson and Johnson, "An Introduction to Medieval Europe" (1937)

It is interesting to note that the following lineage originates in France with Louis I., son of Charlemagne. It then continues through many generations of Germany nobility and royalty and finally returns to France with Margaret of France, second wife of Edward I. of England.



Expanding the line of Judith of Bavaria, from the original Welf, we have the following:

7. Welf I, Count in Swabia and in Bavaria, died about 824.

8. Eticho I

9. Henry

10. Rudolph

11. Welf II, died in 1030.

12. Cunigunde, who died in 1087, married Azzo II of Este, who died in 1097.

13. Welf IV., Duke of Bavaria, died in 1101. He had two sons as follows:

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