The Purpose

            As of today (09-03-2015) I have installed a new gedcom file. This gedcom contains all
            records to date along with notes. You can now see my pedigree chart and see how I am related.

             It is the PNF's purpose to share information wherever possible with family member's
             who have proven their direct connection, and to remove any personal and confidential
             information, including the notes of any living person. This is done with GedClean, to
            clean the file, followed by GedPage, to create the HTML pages from the GedCom.
            Please do not ask me for information on living person's or addresses. I will only give
             out email addresses to those who have granted so, for the purpose of coordinating
             research efforts. Please feel free to share information with your web master.

            The PFN is a home page for family members who are interested in tracing their family
            history, to have a place to rendezvous, to share information with other researchers, to
            continue the work that has already begun. It is my hope that you will take this information
            and use it as a place to start your genealogical quest.

            If you are a researcher and know your line is incorrect, please set me straight and include
            references with your information. I make no claim that the information on this home page is
            completely accurate, except for my own research. The information has come from various
            sources as seen in my Sources which are open to anyone.

            I thank all those who have contributed information. I hope you will tell other researchers
            about this page and visit often.


            Last Updated:Thursday, 03-Sep-2015 17:53:59 MDT

            Research Coordinator: Joe L. Miller