Passing on junk email to me is equivalent to bagging up all your junk mail and shipping it off to someone. Many of these junk emails, called SPAM are listed in the FRAUD email web sites, and few people take the time to check them before falling prey and doing as they are instructed. It is one of the best ways to lose friends. Keep in touch with friends and family. The internet is one of the best ways to communicate, and leave the junk where it belongs, in the trash.

By utilizing our time for constructive communication, we can assist many people in the project we are most concerned about with this web site, genealogy. In my personal volunteer projects I am a web master, a lookup volunteer, genealogist and genealogy consultant, and prefer to stay away from SPAM as much as possible. I know, we've all done it from time to time, but by doing so we are depriving someone from the help that we can provide, if our attention were not directed toward worthless persuits.


The Pinnell Family Network would ask that we be left off of any communications, no matter how cute, funny, how rich we can get, or how many people it will affect, that falls into this category. Like the next guy, I enjoy hearing from family and friends, and get my share of SPAM, but can you imagine the disappointment when you see an email from a friend that you have not heard from for a while, and all that is there when you click on it is more junk.
Thank you for your understanding and please, pass this on!
Last Updated: 6/11/08
Research Coordinator: Joe L. Miller