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Mary Ann Lotspeich, 1817-1908

This picture of Mary Ann Lotspeich Robertson was extracted from a larger photograph in which she appears with a daughter, granddaugter, and great-granddaughter. Best guess is that this was taken only a year or two before her death in 1908; she's close to 90 in this picture, if not already 90.

Mary was born in the days of the earliest settlement of Monroe County, Tennessee. Her father was one of the founders of the town of Sweetwater, and his house still stands in that town.

After her marriage to William Jefferson Robertson in 1836 and the birth of her first son, Charles, in 1837, the family migrated to the area northwest of Springfield, in Greene County, Missouri. This is where Mary spent the rest of her days.

She is buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Murray Township, Greene County, Missouri.

Brought to you by Ms. Piglet (3G granddaughter of Mary)
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