Whittenberg Robberson Robertson Coalson Genealogy
Whittenberg Ancestors: Felix Earnest Whittenberg, 1810-1863

Robberson Ancestors: Nancy Robberson, 1820-1845

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Family Group Sheet =========================================================================== Husband: Felix Earnest Whittenberg born: 7 August 1810 in Greene County, Tennessee marr: 15 October 1836 in Greene County, Missouri died: about May 1863, location unknown buried: unknown, possibly at sea =========================================================================== note: Felix, after his wife's death, became a gold prospector. After trying California, he went on to Ballarat in Australia. Throughout this time it was his habit to write home on a monthly basis. The last letter from him is dated April 1863, written in Melbourne, Australia. It states his plan of taking a ship to New Zealand to check out the mines there, and then return to Melbourne to catch a ship for London, England, and thence back to Springfield, Missouri. It is likely that the family received a letter telling them of the time and circumstances of Felix' death, but neither the letter nor the information has survived.

Andrew Billinghurst has checked the Melbourne records and doesn't find Felix there at all. =========================================================================== Wife: Nancy Robberson born: 15 August 1820 in Verona, Marshall County, Tennessee died: 1 October 1845 in Greene County, Missouri buried: unknown; probably one of the no longer marked graves in the Whittenberg/Coble Cemetery in Greene County, Missouri =========================================================================== CHILDREN =========================================================================== #1 Elbert Sylvester Whittenberg born: 30 January 1838 in Greene County, Missouri marr: 24 December 1856 in Polk County, Missouri died: 2 February 1904 in Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma buried: IOOF Cemetery, Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma spouse: Eleanor Lucinda Matilda Coalson, 1834-1915 known children: 4 sons, 4 daughters --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #2 Eliza Matilda Whittenberg born: 15 January 1840 in Greene County, Missouri marr: 10 April 1857 in Greene County, Missouri died: 15 December 1928 in Greene County, Missouri buried: Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Murray Township, Greene County, Missouri spouse: Charles Lafayette Robertson, 1837-1922 known children: 1 son, 2 daughters, 7 sex-unknown infants --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #3 Martha Jane Whittenberg born: 7 November 1842 in Greene County, Missouri marr: 29 November 1889 in Furnas County, Nebraska died: 19 March 1926 buried: unknown spouse: Joseph R. Hughes, 1842-? children: none known ===========================================================================

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