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updated 12/31/01

Each of these links, when active, will take you to family group sheets for one of the lines of my ancestors.

Documentation of relationships is variable, not all these links are certain. Please don't take this site as "gospel" but rather as "to the best of my knowledge right now."

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Lines of Ancestors:

Anderson/Andriessen Bandy Brown Butcher
Chambers Cox Dick Earnest Evans Falin/Fallin Fine
Foster Harrelson Holyfield Jackson Johnston/Johnson
Kiep Lamkin Landenberger Lea Lee Lotspeich Opdyck
Pettigrew Presley Purcell Ray Robertson/Robberson Rust
Stephens Vannoy Venable Webb Whittenberg Willett Wills Young

Other Associated Surnames:
Addison Albade Alexander Anderson Andris Ashton/Austine Axley Aydellott
Bailey Baker Baker Baker Banks Barber Barnett Bayless Beavers Benedict Bennett Benson Best Bitner Bitner Blackburn Blair Bobo Boeckhout Bolaille Booker Bookout Bost Boston Bowles Bowman Bray Brooks Brooks Brooks Browder Brown Broyles Bullin Burkhartt Bush
Case Caudle Christman Clayton Clayton Cleveland Coalson Clements Cochran Coe Coffield Corder CornwallCraig Cravens Crouch Crutcher Cuman Curry Curry
Darnell Davis Deering Dent Dial Dickson Dietz Dixon Doan Dobbins Dogan Duke
East Ellis England Evans Evans Evans Evans
Fain Farnsworth Flannery Flatt Forkner Forrester Fox Fredericks Freeman Fry Fulton Furnam Fyffe
Gaignon Garber Garner Garnett Gilliam Gilliland Gilmore Goforth Golding Golding Goss Grant Gray Gray Griffis
Hagewood Harder Harrison Harrison Harshaw Hartley Henderson Henson Herring Hickerson Hight Hill Hoover Hopkins Hoyle
Irvin Ivey
Jacoby James Jameson Jans Jansen Jennings Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Jonas Jones Jones Jones Jones Julien
Keene Kelley Kendall Kenny Kent Kilby Kile Kindrick King Kitchens Klug
Laffoon Leeper Lemmon Lethco Level Lewis Linton Lloyd Logan Long Long Looney Looney Lovelace Loving Loyd Lubbertsen Lusk
Macken Mallicoat Mason Mason Matthews Maxwell McClure McCullah McElwain McGee McGehee McKenny McKnight McMinamy McQueen Medcalfe Meek Merchant Mershon Metcalfe Miller Mills Mills Mitchell Moncrieff Montgomery Montgomery Moore Morris Murphey Murray Muscoe
Neal Neal Netherton Netherton Nix North
Olinger Oliphant Overton
Paine Painter Pardoe Parrott Parsley Parkes Patton Pauwels Perry Peyton Pfeiffer Phillips Pickel Powell Powell Price Pritchett Proffitt
Ray Rector Reeve Richesin Rigby Rinehart Rittenhouse Robb Robertson Robinett Robins Rogers Ross Roycroft Runyon
St. Clair Sapp/Snapp Sappington Sawyer Saye Self Sewell Shackelford Shaull Shepherd Sherrill Shippe Singleton Smith Smith Smith Smith Snell Snider Snodgrass Spann Stanley Starrett Stats Steel Stokes Stone Summers Sutton
Taliaferro Tarter Taylor Thomas Thurston Tinsley Tucker Turner
Vivion Walker Walker Wallace Ward Warren Wartenbe Wason/Watson Watts Weitzel Welborn Welch Wells Wells West Whitaker Whiteside Whoten/Wooten Wilks Wilson Winton Wood Woods Wray Wright

Families often intermarried multiple times; a single listing may include multiple persons who married into that line. Multiple listings means that folks by that name married into more than one line.

Comments and corrections always welcome.

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