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Pierce, A. to Middey Thompson 2-25-1856 Hn (3)
Pierce, A. G. to Jane Hawk 5-2-1866(5-3-1866)Dy (3)
Pierce, A. J. to A.C.A. Walker 1-6-1864 Dy (3)
Pierce, A. J. to T.J. Westbrook 12-11-1869(12-12-1869)Dy (3)
Pierce, Amanda to S.H.P. Lester 6-14-1875(no return)Dy (3)
Pierce, Ansel W. to Catharine Fowler 12-29-1853 Be (3)
Pierce, Angelina to Peter Sales 1-10-1878 Dy (3)
Pierce, Ann Elizabeth to Wm. Mothershed 6-15 1856 Be (3)
Pierce, Anna to E.L. Perkins 12-21-1854(12-23-1854) Sh(3)
Pierce, Archie to Elizabeth Lea 11-6-1872 L (3)
Pierce, Arena W. to Issac W. Pierce 1-5-1856 Be (3)
Pierce, Alfred to Harriet Alford 7-12-1838-Ru (13)
Pierce, Ambrose H. to Sarah Williams 10-3-1842-Li (13)
Pierce, Arthur to Elizabeth Bizell 8-14-1815-Wi (13)
Pearce, A- C. (Dr.) to Mattie E. Barham 12-8-1866 (12-11-1866) Cr (3)
Pearce, Anderson to Margaret Mosely 4-4-1869 G (3)
Pearce, Andrew to Anna Warren 12-25-1868 (no return) F (3)
Pearce, Augustus to Paulina C. Pattilo 1-9-1851 Sh(3)
Pearce, Adaline to William J. Baldridge 10-7-1870 G (3)
Pearce, Amanda to Rightmon Jordon 7-30-1843 Be (3)
Pearce, Ann E. to R.L. Veazy 11-29-1862 Hn (3)
Pearce, Ann to R.H. McLaren 5-26-1837 (5-27-1837) [La] (13)
Pierce, B. R.L. to Susan E. Jordon 1-29-1857 Be (3)
Pierce, Ben to Letitia Clark 12-27-1877 Dy (3)
Pearce, Benjamine to America C. Stovall 12-28-1827-Sn (13)
Pierce, Catherine to John Reynolds 9-7-1857 O (3)
Pierce, Clement to Mary Brogden 12-30-1852 Ma (3)
Pierce, C.C. to Mary A. Warren 2-17-1858-Ms (13)
Pierce, Chas. R. to Melinda Anderson 12-2-1825-D (13)
Pearce, C.C. to S.A. Woodard 1-23-1867-Li (13)
Pearce, Caraline to Barton Luster 3-3-1868(3-4-1868) T (3)
Pearce, Caroline to Jesse Pearce 9-2~1830 [La] (13)
Pearce, Clarissa to Thomas S. Griggs 10~9-1822[Wi] (13)
Pierce, Della to James Dunn 7-26-1871 Ma (3)
Pierce, Dick to Manda Wardlaw 4-14-1883 L (3)
Pierce, Dollie to Wm. Howell 5-24-1869 Dy (3)
Pierce, Daniel to Polly Blythe 1-12-1818(1-29-1818)Mu (13)
Pearce, D. M. to Margarette McDaniel 3-17-1861 G (3)
Pearce, D. to E. Beavers 3-4-1841 Be (3)
Pearce, Dulla to John Crafton 8-14-1871(8-17-1871) G (3)
Pierce, E. A. to Milly F. Bullock 12-11-1865 Be (3)
Pierce, E. N. to Catherine Strother 6-26-1855(6-27-1855)G (3)
Pierce, Elila to W.C. Barns 11-29-1865 Be (3)
Pierce, Eliza Priscilla to William Boydston 9-18-1862 L (3)
Pierce, Eliza to G.F. Hults 8-22-1855(8-23-1855) Sh (3)
Pierce, Elizabeth to John Delf 12-30-1872 Dy (3)
Pierce, Elizabeth to Malden Y. Goad 2-22-1841(3-14-1841) Ma (3)
Pierce, Elizabeth to Robert Cooper 2-28-1865 Hn (3)
Pierce, Ellen to George(Capt.)Sprague 6-13-1863(6-14-1863)Sh (3)
Pierce, Ethelbert L. to Ella Walls 11-21-1872 Dy (3)
Pierce, Everett A. to Mary Gilbraith 12-30-1840-La (13)
Pearce, E. to Andy Jackson 5-3-1870 G (3)
Pearce, E. to D.N. Nisler 5-1-1840 Be (3)
Pearce, Eliza to Crockett Ethridge 12-26-1852 Hn (3)
Pearce, Elizabeth to John O. Henderson 6-30-1850 G (3)
Pearce, Elizabeth to Samuel Crowell 5-13-1852(5-18-1852)Ma (3)
Pearce, Esperann to E.J. Looney 12-24-1844 We (3)
Pearce, Elenor to John Smith 1-27-1817 [Sn] (13)
Pearce, Eliz. C. to John N. Pearce 5-12-1857 [La] (13)
Pearce, Elizabeth to Maison Robertson 1-3-1844 [Mu] (13)
Pearce, Elizabeth C. to Barnet C. Jarrell 3-24-1859[Wi] (13)
Pearce, Elvira to William Brunnit 8-31-1830 (9-4-1830)[Mu] (13)
Pierce, F.E. to W.W. Jordon 12-4-1871 Dy (3)
Pierce, Fannie to Douglas Caldwell 12-15-1857 Sh (3)
Pierce, Felix to Casandra Duncan 2-6-1860(2-21-1860)O (3)
Pierce, Francis E. to Henry Boon 3-19-1862 Dy (3)
Pierce, F.M. to H.F. Davis 1-18-1865-Mt (13)
(Purce)Franklin B. to Adline Taliaferro 12-7-1840-Sn(13)
Pearce, F.A.B. to T.D. Foresyth 1-15-1873 Cr (3)
Pearce, Frances to Elias Johnson 12-25-1860 L (3)
Pierce, G. B. to S.T. Husbands 9-18-1874(9-20-1874)Dy (3)
Pierce, George P. to H.E.C. Cribbs 1-23-1868 Dy (3)
Pierce, G.L. to Nannie M. Lysles 11-25-1863-Sn (13)
Pierce, G.W. to Araminta Mitchell 3-22-1842-La (13)
Pierce, George W. to Lucy Welch 3-23-1848-La (13)
Pierce, Granville S. to Elizabeth B. Abott10-21-1830-Ru (13)
Pearce, George to Lucy Kirkham 9-24-1812-Sn (13)
Pearce, George W. to Araminta Mitchell 3-22-1842-La (13)
Pearce, George W. to Luella Doyle 10-1-1879 L (3)
Pearce, George to Ella Sawyer 11-23-1878 (11-23-1879) L(3)
Pierce, H.R. to Nancy J. Stockdale 12-10-1857 Be (3)
Pierce, Henrietta to Washington Nelson 5-21-1855 L (3)
Pierce, Henry M. to Elizabeth Pettus 12-12-1851(12-16-1851)G (3)
Pierce, Henry to Nancy Ann Enoch 9-15-1869 Dy (3)
Pierce, Henry to Susan Tucker 10-8-1837-La (13)
Pearce, Henry F. to Eliza Jane Wyatt 10-21-1841-Sn (13)
Pearce, H. C. to Sallie Williams 11-15-1870 G (3)
Pearce, Harriet E. to W.B. Gibbs 10-5-1854 We (3)
Pearce, Harriett to Epson Bandy 6-2-1822 [Sn] (13)
Pearce, Harriett to Absolem Boren 8-27-1833 [La) (13)
Pierce, Isabella to John Craig 5-3-1869 G (3)
Pierce, Isabella to Louis Southern 12-?-1865(12-30-1865) Dy (3)
Pierce, Issac W. to Arena W. Pierce 1-5-1856 Be (3)
Pierce, Issac to Elizabeth Turner 7-16-1822(7-18-1822)D(13)
Pierce, Issac to Ella Shaw 8-8-1808-D (13)
Pearce, Issac to Polly Jones 1-24-1818-Sn (13)
Pearce, Isaac to S. A. Browning 1-9-1871 (1-12-1871) Cr (3)
Pearce, I.E. to Hezekiah Butler 6-12-1859 Cr (3)
Pierce, J. A. J. to Sarah A. Feagan 3-3-1858 Sh (3)
Pierce, J. F. to Ozella Stevenson 3-2-1875 Dy (3)
Pierce, J. H. to A.E. Tuley 1-29-1861(2-1-1861)O (3)
Pierce, J. H. to D.E. Pope 1-19-1876 Dy (3)
Pierce, J. R. to Sarah E. Burgess 3-11-1866 Be (3)
Pierce, James M. to Luticia Nowell 2-21-1854 Be (3)
Pierce, James P. to Nancy Caroline McKenzie 12-4-1867 Be (3)
Pierce, James to Mollie Herrin 10-25-1871(10-26-1871)T (3)
Pierce, Jane to R.A. Grayham 10-13-1859(no return) Cr (3)
Pierce, Jefferson to Ann Smith 8-27-1868 Dy (3)
Pierce, Joanna to Ephraim Dority 12-13-1871 Dy (3)
Pierce, John to Mary L. Moore 5-8-1841 T (3)
Pierce, Joel to Nancy Choate 12-28-1854 Sh (3)
Pierce, John A. to Elizabeth Burns 9-4-1849 Cr (3)
Pierce, John A. to Sarah A. Brewer 11-28-1867 Be (3)
Pierce, John J. to Martha R. Hill 10-19-1847 Hn (3)
Pierce, John M. to Ella N. Stevens 4-29-1876(4-30-1876)Dy (3)
Pierce, John W. to Susan J. Conley 12-5-1848 G (3)
Pierce, Josiah to Haley Goodwin 11-5-1836(11-7-1836)Hr (3)
Pierce, Julina to J.B. Moor 1-11-1857 Dy (3)
Pierce, James to Elizabeth Bacheus 12-3-1821(12-6-1821)D(13)
Pierce, James to Isabella McKissick 1-3-1822-Mu(13)
Pierce, James F. to Louella Coldwell 3-22-1869-Li(13)
Pierce, Jeremiah to Sally Parker 11-19-1813-D(13)
Pierce, Jesse A. to Mittie F. Toon 12-20-1877-Wi(13)
Pierce, John to Augusta Davis 8-4-1817(8-7-1817)D(13)
Pierce, John to Rebecca Bradley 9-16-1831(9-26-1831)La(13)
Pierce, Joseph K. to Mary Ann Latamore 8-20-1835-Wl(13)
Pierce, Joseph K. to Sarah Jane Compton 8-30-1846-Wl (13)
Pearce, J.B. to Francis Wyatt 12-26-1838-Sn (13)
Pearce, James to Mary Lindsey 10-11-1852-Li (13)
Pearce, James to Sarah A. Greenhaw 11-20-1851-La(?) (13)
Pearce, James to Sarah A. Greenhow 11-23-1851-Gi(?) (13)
Pearce, Jesse to Caroline Pearce 9-23-1830-La (13)
Pearce, Jesse to Elizabeth Lyon 8-13-1837-Ru (13)
Pearce, Jesse to Elizabeth Rogers 9-9-1847-Li (13)
Pearce, John A. to Emily Sanderson 8-26-1840-Li (13)
Pearce, John N. to Elizabeth C. Pearce 5-12-1857-La (13)
Pearce, John R. to Mary A. Higgs 12-16-1846-La (13)
Pearce, Joseph to Lucy D. Flood 4-4-1825-La (13)
Pearce, Joseph to Selina Jackson 3-22-1863-Mt (13)
Pearce, Josiah W.(Dr) to Vedora Ann Greer 10-10-1871-Li (13)
Pearce, J. C. to Harriett Thompson 12-18-1866 (12-20-l866)Cr (3)
Pearce, J. R to Maggie Rosser 12-3-1866 (12-5-1866) F (3)
Pearce, James H. to Mary E. Hail 10-21-1851(10-22-1851)G (3)
Pearce, Jas. to Martha M. Connell 5-31-1858 G (3)
Pearce, Jim to Cresia Alexander 3-21-1868 F (3)
Pearce, John A. to Lucy Ann Smith 2-5-1870 (2-10-1870) F (3)
Pearce, John C. to Mary M. Whitworth 8-11-1861 We (3)
Pearce, John K to Jane E. Nesbitt 1-22-1844 (1-23-1844) G (3)
Pearce, John W. to Lila McNeil 10-24-1851 Be (3)
Pearce, Jane E. to W.L. McKenzie 3-16-1848 Be (3)
Pearce, Julia to William Shipp 3-17-1843 [Ru] (13)
Pierce, Kissiah to David C. Matheny 3-5-1846 Hn (3)
Pearce, Karen to William Rutherford 11-23-1830 [Sn] (13)
Pierce, L. A. to Sarah J. Forest 6-16-1858 Be (3)
Pierce, L. D. to Rebecca Boyd 9-3-1850 Cr (3)
Pierce, Lacy J. to W.A. Quillin 7-22-1855 Be (3)
Pierce, Louisa to James H. Matheny 11-7-1844 Hn (3)
Pierce, Lucretia to William Amos 5-23-1875 L (3)
Pearce, Latent to Any (Mrs.) Pickler 8-20-1860 (8-24-1860) Cr (3)
Pearce, Leander to Laretha Rogers 10-14-1846 G (3)
Pearce, Levi to Susan Blount 5-15-1844 (5-16-1844) Hr (3)
Pearce, Letha A. to O.L. Morris 4-6-1860(4-8-1860) G (3)
Pearce, Louiza to Josiah Powel 8-30-1864 G (3)
Pearce, Lucy to John M. Gill 5-10-1845 Sh (3)
Pearce, Louisa to Harrison Ford 9-4-1848 [Sn] (13)
Pearce, Lydia to Abraham Smith 1-13-1813 [Sn] (13)
Pierce, M.E. to J.J. Lane 10-15-1868 G (3)
Pierce, Manerva to Redmond Richards 10-9-1850 Ma (3)
Pierce, Margaret to Roland Gaulden 3-4-1876(4-12-1876)Dy (3)
Pierce, Margaret to Willie Wood 4-4-1858 Hn (3)
Pierce, Mary E. to John J. Henslee 3-6-1868(no return) Cr (3)
Pierce, Martha A. to Charles H. Bethany 7-8-1861 Be (3)
Pierce, Martha A. to Liberty Walker 9-18-1852?1851 Sh (3)
Pierce, Martin to M.A. Tisdale 12-5-1871 Dy (3)
Pierce, Martin to Mary E. Moore 4-20-1867(4-21-1867)Cr (3)
Pierce, Mary C. to Daniel Nichols 2-2-1849 Cr (3)
Pierce, Mary D. to Aaron Wadkins 8-15-1861 Be (3)
Pierce, Mary D. to James B. Driskell 9-16-1848(no return)Cr (3)
Pierce, Mary E. to William F. Vaughn 4-2-1867 Hn (3)
Pierce, Mary Jane to B.A. Powell 10-24-1867 Dy (3)
Pierce, Mary P. to John T. Howell 8-19-1867 Dy (3)
Pierce, Mary to Benjamin Maubry 1-11-1868 Be (3)
Pierce, Mary to Dudley Alexander 5-5-1858 Ma (3)
Pierce, Mary to J.T. McGlohon 7-9-1863 Be (3)
Pierce, Mary to Malcolm McKenzie 12-24-1858 Hn (3)
Pierce, Mary to Marcus S. Rascoe 9-17-1858 Hn (3)
Pierce, Missouri to J.M. Gold 7-24-1872 Dy (3)
Pierce, Mollie E. to A.A. Steward 12-23-1875 L (3)
Pierce, Mollie to Billy Fitzpatrick 4-30-1883(not used) L (3)
Pierce, Mollie to D.A. Shaw 1-16-1872 Dy (3)
Pearce, Mchinnie(?) to Mary Walker 6-25-1825-Ru (13)
Pearce, M. C. to Julia A. Humphrey 9-29-1860 Hr (3)
Pearce, Martin to Eliza Pickens 8-14-1869 (8-15-1869) Ma (3)
Pearce, M.A. to Andy Hamett 4-17-1872(no return) Cr (3)
Pearce, M.C. to R. H. Sims 1-2- 1859 We (3)
Pearce, Martha A. to Ebenezer Vaughn 3-29-1856(no return) Hn (3)
Pearce, Martha to Issac Wyatt 1-11-1840(no return)Hn (3)
Pearce, Martha to Lewis White 2-5-1852 Be (3)
Pearce, Mary Jane to F.W. Hastings 12-28-1856 Hn (3)
Pearce, Mary M. to Wm. J. Rodgers 12-4-1865(12-6-1865) F (3)
Pearce, Mollie E.(Mrs.) to W.T.(Rev.)Bolling 4-14-1870 G (3)
Pearce, Malinda to John Nichols 7-5-1850 [Li] (13)
Pearce, Malinda J. to H. M. Bogle 2-6-1868 (2-9-1868) [Ca] (13)
Pearce, Marcum to Berry Archer 11-24-1825 [La) (13)
Pearce, Margaret to John Brannon 8-7-1821 [D] (13)
Pearce, Margaret to Thomas Laden 10-2-1823 [Wi] (13)
Pearce, Martha A. to Andrew J. Lytle 3-31-1852 [Gi] (13)
Pearce, Mary Ann to W. H. Bailey 11-15-1855 [Mt] (13)
Pearce, Mary E. to Benjamin F. Scott 11-2-1866 [La] (13)
Pearce, Milly to Carrol Evans 8-5-1845 [Li] (13)
Pierce, N. S. to Mary E. Arnold 8-4-1855(8-7-1855)G (3)
Pierce, Nancy E. to J.B. Lindsey 11-12-1857 Be (3)
Pierce, Nancy M. to Calvin Carelton 1-9-1861(1-10-1861) F (3)
Pierce, Nancy to Nathan Williams 3-25-1857 Be (3)
Pierce, Nancy to Robert E. Quinan 10-2-1861 Sh (3)
Pierce, Narcissa D. to Thos. P. Evans 9-16-1848 Cr (3)
Pierce, N.B.,MG to Margaret V. George 6-4-1854-Li (13)
Pearce, N. to R. Townsend 11-25-1841 Be (3)
Pearce, Nelson to Ester Ann Mitchel 12-20-1849 Be (3)
Pearce, Nancy S. to James D. Spears 9-23-1862 G (3)
Pearce, Nancy to W.J. Hall 4-16-1868 G (3)
Pierce, Nancy to Ralph Purkpile, December 1, 1831. Abraham Spoon, Bondsman.(17)
Pearce, Nancy to Edward Stephens 12-30-1806 [Wi] (13)
Pierce, Paralee to Robert Wells 10-7-1868 L. (3)
Pierce, Paulina S. to Thos. J. Morse? 9-23-1838 Hn (3)
Pierce, Phillip? to Charley Faulkes 10-30-1880 Dy (3)
Pierce, Pinckney S. to Mary Davis 1-26-1853 Hn (3)
Pierce, Phillip to Hardy Richardson 2-22-1811-D (13)
Pierce, Presley to Melinda Franks 4-2-1841(4-3-1841)St (13)
Pearce, Pietty to William Priddy 3-4-1847 Sh (3)
Pearce, Polly to Josephus Miles 7-29-1860 [Li] (13)
Pierce, R. A. to A.E. Mathews 12-28-1869(12-30-1869)O (3)
Pierce, R. C. to Margaret E. Askew 2-26-1847 Cr (3)
Pierce, R. C. to Mary Simmons 11-6-1848 Cr (3)
Pierce, R. M. to Nancy Barlow 8-22-1855(8-23-1855)G (3)
Pierce, Rachel to R. Carter 1-14-1865 Be (3)
Pierce, Rachel to Whitmill P. Adams 11-16-1853 Ma (3)
Pierce, Richard to Ann Joplin 8-9-1854 Hn (3)
Pierce, Riley to Fannie Coker 1-1-1873(12-2-1873)Dy(3)
Pierce, Roda to Rupert Jones 10-14-1870 Dy (3)
Pierce, Ruth to Jacob McCon 4-15-1873(4-16-1873)Dy (3)
Pierce, Richard J. to Sally A.E. Campbell 1-12-1836-D (13)
Pearce, R.F. to Elmira M. Hillhouse 4-10-1855 La (13)
Pearce, Raford F. to Elender J. White 9-14-1844-La (13)
Pearce, Raford F. to Margaret Brashers 10-19-1849-La (13)
Pearce, Robert to Fanny Webster 10-8-1824-La (13)
Pearce, R.N. to M.E. Coley 2-15-1866 G (3)
Pearce, Reuben to Lucretia Hutson 10-23-1851 Hn (3)
Pearce, Robert to Mary J. Snow 4-8-1849 Hn (3)
Pearce, Ruben to Elizabeth Mobly 5-13-1827 (5-16-1827) G (3)
Pearce, R.A. to K.L. Ward 2-3-1841 Be (3)
Pearce, Rebecca J. to William D. Johnson 3-27-1864 G (3)
Pearce, Roena H. to James N. Forrest 2-23-1851 Be (3)
Pierce, S. J. to Bulah Steele 1-26-1882 L (3)
Pierce, Sallie R. to George A. Simpson 10-16-1861 Hn (3)
Pierce, Sallie to M.R. Hendricks 3-23-1874(3-24-1874)Dy (3)
Pierce, Sam to Angiline Wynne 3-30-1867(4-1-1867)Dy (3)
Pierce, Sam to Sarah E. McKnight 10-18-1871 Dy (3)
Pierce, Samuel C. to Rebecca C. Hunt 1-23-1854(1-24-1854)G (3)
Pierce, Samuel M. to Mary Adams 4-2-1846 Cr (3)
Pierce, Sarah Ann(Mrs) to C.A. Willcher 12-3-1864 Sh (3)
Pierce, Sarah to James Askew 3-15-1846 Hn (3)
Pierce, Sarah to William Bettis 8-1-1833 Sh (3)
Pierce, Stephen to Dora B. Leech 12-30-1869 Dy (3)
Pierce, Suger D to Kizear Forest 8-21-1848 Cr (3)
Pierce, Susan to D.R. Fields 9-14-1865 Dy (3)
Pierce, Susan to Zachariah Quinn 5-9-1867 Dy (3)
Pierce, Susannah to Phillip Delph 8-2-1879 Dy (3)
Pierce, Simon W. to Sarah H. Cox 11-29-1848-Wi (13)
Pierce, Spencer to Elizabeth Pierce 9-29-1823-D (13)
Pearce, Simon A. to Letty Cashion 2-25-1851-Li (13)
Pearce, Stephen to Rcbecca Cook 7-18-1853 G (3)
Pearce, Stephen to Sarah Ann Holaday 7-19-1848 Hn (3)
Pearce, Sarah Ann to James Nunnery 7-20-1847 Be (3)
Pearce, Sarah E. to George W. Jameson 7-27-1842 Sh (3)
Pearce, Sarah M. to William A. Edwards 2-26-1861 We (3)
Pearce, Sarah to Benjamin F. Brock 10-27-1846 We (3)
Pearce, Sarah to John A. Newbill 12-8-1869 (12-9-1869) Cr (3)
Pearce, Sarena to John Hornsbury 4-14-1862 (no return) Dy (3)
Pearce, Su H. (Mrs.) to Gideon Lewis Cain 4-1-1868 G (3)
Pearce, Sarah to Michael Otterburry 5-27-1822 [Wi] (13)
Pearce, Sarah F. to James R. Choate 1-1-1867 [La] (13)
Pierce, T.J to L.E. Harper 1-23-1872(1-24-1872)Dy (3)
Pierce, Tabitha to William Harrell 10-20-1846 Ma (3)
Pierce, Theatus to William Throgmorton 12-29-1841 Hn (3)
Pierce, Thomas to Alcey Lustre 1-12-1844(1-14-1844)O (3)
Pierce, Thomas to Martha S. Medlin 1-4-1856(1-6-1856)Ma (3)
Pierce, Thomas to Rebeca Richards 12-27-1853(12-29-1853)Ma (3)
Pierce, Thomas F. to Mary C. Glenn 7-12-1860-Mt (13)
Pierce, Thomas S. to Amand Joiner 11-29-1855-D (13)
Pearce, Thomas to Amanda Joyner 11-29-1855-Sn (13)
Pearce, Toliver J. to Hannah L. Dalton 8-16-1854-La (13)
Pearce, Thomas to Catharine Mitchell 12-30-1847 Sh (3)
Pearce, Thomas to Jane McAda 8-29-1830 Sh (3)
Pearce, Thomas to Mary Jones 9-9-1871(9-10-1871) Ma (3)
Pierce, Uriah to Judy Chandler 4-26-1833(4-30-1833)Hr (3)
Pearce, Unita Ann to Isham Pullen 12-9-1835 [La] (13)
Pearce, Vena to Monroe Jones 12-28-1869 (no return) Dy (3)
Pierce, W. M. to Milly N. Gilbert 4-5-1866 Be (3)
Pierce, W. W. to M.W. Irwin 11-25-1862(11-26-1862)F (3)
Pierce, Warrin to Jane Phillips 12-24-1869(12-27-1869)O (3)
Pierce, William T. to Martha E. Brown 9-8-1859 Hn (3)
Pierce, William to Margaret Stegall 9-9-1862 Dy (3)
Pierce, William to Mary Cooper 1-4-1865 Be (3)
Pierce, William T. to Mary F.Throgmorton 1-24-1867 Be (3)
Pierce, W.A. to Margaret C. Goats 4-20-1868-La (13)
Pierce, Washington G. to Lucindy Y. Lyles 8-26-1842-Sn (13)
Pearce, William to Mary Sexton 6-28-1845 Ru (13)
Pearce, William A. to Mary L. Green 12-20-1865 La (13)
Pearce, Wm. to Mahalia E. Coffee 7-10-1852 Li(13)
Pearce, W. C. to Susan E. Plant 11-30-1866 (12-5-1866) F (3)
Pearce, W. F. to Mary J. Noah 1-17-1867 O (3)
Pearce, W. R. to Mary J. Potts 10-13-1860 (10-16-1860) Sh (3)
Pearce, W. R. to Susan A. Claxton 10-24-1860 G (3)
Pearce, W. S. to Tennessee Branch 11-28-1862 (12-2-1862)F (3)
Pearce, Wiley to Lizzie CArter 3-6-1885 L (3)
Pearce, William R. to Amanda E. Woodson 6-1-1859 (6-2-1859) G (3)
Pearce, William T. to Susan Catherine Hayley 3-9-1857 (3-10-1857) Ma (3)
Pearce, William to Jaesabena Moss 1-24-1860 G (3)
Pearce, Wm. M. to M. M. Rome 1-4-1862 Cr (3)
Pearce, Wm. R. to Emily MizelI 3-19-1846 Be (3)
Pearce, Winniford to John B. Martin 9-30-1845 [La] (13)
Pierce, Zadock to Eliz. J. Garrigus 9-30-1844(10-3-1844)Mu (13)

May, Andrew to Mary Boseman, December 27, 1831. Hiram Pierce, Bondsman (17)
Moore, Robert to Cathern Atkins, Novenber 6, 1817. Thomas Pierce, Bondsman (17)

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Mrs. Mary Ann d. March 28, 1850 in Tippah Co., Miss mother of W.H. PEARCE, 49  - (4)
Alic. A. 2/12 (f), TN, Feb., sudden death Ct-60 (5)
Elizabeth 44, TN, May cause unknown, Gi-50 (5)
Elizabeth 52, W., TN, keeping house, Nov., cancer, Ge-80 (5)
Hannah 4, TN, Oct, diptheria, Br-80 (5)
infant, 1/30, (f), TN, Sep, cause unknown, Ge-80 (5)
Issac, 1/12, TN, Aug., trismas, Ru-50 (5)
James, 77, M, TN farmer Apr., gravel, Ge- (5)
James H. 1, TN, Dec., dropsy brain, Hu-50 (5)
John 35, birthplace unknown, Jan., boatman exposure, Sh-60 (5)
Joseph M., 47, M., NC, Dec. farmer, liver disease, Hn-60 (5)
R.D., infant of 0, (m), TN, Apr., stillborn, Mc-60 (5)
Sarah 25 TN, Jul., Dom., consumption, Ge-60 (5)
Sarah 68 W., NC, Apr., consumption Ct-60 (5)
Thomas 75 VA, May, intemperance, G-50 (5)
W. 13 (m), B, JUL., Diabetis, Bo-80 (5)
William, 19, birthplaces omited, farmer disease of the liver, La-8 (5)


A. 18 (M), TN, Aug. farmer, poison DY-50 (5)
A.K. 70, W, TN, Nov., flux, Ov-80 (5)
Catherine 11/12 , TN, Dec., inflamation of brain fall and burn, Ct-80 (5)
Eliza, 1/12, TN, Oct., hives, C-80 (5)
Elizabeth M., 1, IL, May, Diarhea, Me-60 (5)
Iva 1/12, TN, Apr., hives, Be-80 (5)
J. 56(m), W, M, Feb, farmer, consumption, We-50 (5)
Kidwell 15/30, TN, Dec., unknown cause, Mo-80, (with Mo schedules) (5)
L.C. 35, female, M, TN, domestic, Aug., cause unknown He-80 (5)
Lavina, 41, M, NC, Apr., pneumonia, Cr.-80 (5)
Louisa N., 18, KY, Feb., typhoid fever, Sh-50 (5)
Margaret, 8, B, TN, Mar., diptheria, H-80 (5)
Mollie, 2, TN, Jul., brain fever, Be-80 (5)
Nathun, 1/12, TN TN KY, Jul., colic, Ov-80 (5)
Orpha Jane, 4, TN, Mar., pneumonia, Ct-50 (5)
Robert 4, TN, July, flux, Be-80 (5)
Volentine, 17 TN, Mar., farmer, pneumonia, Dy-50 (5)
William, 2, TN, Oct., cyan of trachealis, We-80 (5)

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