Source: Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America by Henry Whittemore. Excerpted and Reprinted from The Spirit of '76, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co. 1967


Abraham, Plymouth, 1629; had shared in division of cattle that year, of Duxbury, 1643; was a propr. of Bridgwater, 1645; by wife Rebecca had Abraham, born 1638; Isaac; and three daughters, of whom Alice was bapt. at Barnstable, 1650, and died at D. 1673.


Azeriakm or Azrakim, Warwick; is supposed to have come in from Rehoboth, or Swanzey; had children Samuel and Tabitha, perhaps others.

Benjamin, Woburn; son perhaps of Robert, more prob. of Thomas of the same; by wife Mary had Benjamin, born 1689; Mary, 1692; Esther, 1696; Rebecca, 1698; Deborah, 1700; Thomas, 16702; and Zurishaddai, 1705

Daniel, Watertown; blacksmith; came in the Elizabeth from Ispwich, Co., Suffolk (but called of London by Coffin), 1634 aged 23; freeman 1638; removed to Newbury; by wife Sarah had Daniel, born 1642; Joshua, 1643 and Martha, 1648. He swore fidelity 1652, and married, 1654, Ann perhaps widow of Thomas Millerd, and died 1677, leaving good estate.

Robert, Dorchester, perhaps 1630, but not very likely, may have been brother of John the mariner; by wife Ann, daughter of John Greenway, had Deborah, born 1640, died in few weeks; was freeman 1642 and died 1665, leaving only son Thomas, and Mary, who married Thomas Herring, not (as often saide) Haven, of Dedham; and widow died 1695, "the oldest person that ever lived in D.," aged about 104.

Robert, Ipswich; married Abigail, daughter of Mark Symonds of the same.

Robert, Charlestown; married, 1657, Sarah Eyre.

Samuel, Malden, whose wife's name is not found, had Mary, born 1656; Thomas, 1658; John, and perhaps Joseph, 1659; of whom John died very soon; and have removed to Charlestown, and may be person whose wife Mary joined the C. Church 1670, and brought to bapt. Samuel, Thomas, Joseph, Jonathan, John, Mary, Eliz. and Persis, all 1670; Abigail, 1670, Hannah, 1671; and Benjamin, 1675.

Thomas, Charlestown, 1634, freeman, 1635; by wife, Eliz., had Abigil, bapt, 1639, unless shewere child of another Thomas, as seems not unlikely, for no other is ascribed to this one, who died 1666; in his will mentions his age as 82 years, his wife Eliz. 71, son John, Randall, Nichols, besides grandch. Mary Bridge and Eliz. Tufts; and gave legacy to the college. His widow, Eliz., mother of Mary, wife of Peter Tuffts, was perhaps his second wife.

Thomas, Woburn; 1643, may not improb. seem to be son of preceding, born in Eng., living first at Charlestown, and may have been father of that Abigail; but at W. had John, born 1644, died prob. soon; Thomas, 1645, Eliz. 1646; Joseph, 1648, died soon; Joseph, again; 1649; Stephen, 1651; Samuel, 1654, died at two years, Samuel, again, 1656; William, 1658; James, 1659; and Abigail, 1660. He was freeman in 1677 and that year sold land in Charlestown. Thomas, father of Stephen, could not be, as the biogr. supposes, the same Thomas that died 1666, aged 83 years.

Thomas, Setauket, L.I., 1661, had that year a commiss. as a magistrate of Conn.

Thomas, Gloucester; had wife Ann, who died 1668; perhaps daughter Eliz. died 1673.

William, Boston; a distinguished shipmaster, made more voyages than any other person in the same years to and from Boston, was kiled by the Spaniards at Providence in the Bahamas, 1641. Possibly the ancestor of Rev. James, a distinguished theologian of Exeter, Eng., who died 1730.

William, Boston; came in the Griffin, arrivied 1633, with Cotton, Hooker, Gov. Haynes, and other churchmen; was freeman, often a selectman, died 1661. He had early married Sarah, daughter of William Colbron; had daughter Sarah, named Sarah Colpit in the will of her grandf. But name may be wrong; at least such a name is not known in Boston.

Willaim, Barnstable, 1643.

William, Boston; 1653, a mariner, died 1669, leaving small prop. to his widow. By wife Esthher, supposes Savage, he had Mary, born 1656; Martha and Mary, twins, 1659.

William, Falmouth; 1680, in the second destruction of the town, 1690, removed to Milton.

William, Suffield, married, 1688. Esther Spencer; had Thomas, born 1688.

William, Woburn, perhaps son of Thos. of the same; married, 1690, Abigail Somers, alias Warren.