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Origination of the Pierce Surname

The name of Pierce originated in Northumberland, where a Baron named Lord Percy maintained a private army to defend his castle and holdings, and these men were known as "Percy's Men" with name, through the centuries, being shortened to "Perces" and then to Perce, and later to be spelled: Pers, Pearce, Peirce, and Pierce. Some have even spelled the name Purse.

The Pierce, Peirce, Pers, Pearce, Pearse, Peirc, Percy Project Goal is: To locate all of the genealogy information on the Pierce's of all spellings and upload the information to the net, so that all of the families researching their lines can meet and find the information that they need to further their research, and to find cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. For more information and to view the records follow the link shown above for The Pierce Project.

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Thanks to L.D. and Dan Pierce for discovering that we are related! I can't think of a greater honor than to be related to these two relentless pursuing genealogists. Their tenacity in digging
into their lines and looking at our meager offerings on my family are the sole reason for
this discovery. Dan found original land records on a trip to Salt Lake City that tied the picture
together. So we owe Dan and L. D. for our finally unraveling the mystery.
Make sure to visit LD's pages - (Dan's are also located via his website).
Note: New email address for Dan -


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