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Dick's DNA Projects

This page was begun 28 June 2003; last revised 25 November 2003 ... rak

My ultimate goal is to use the new DNA technology to:

1) find lost Kraus relatives (many in Russia and who have gone from Russia to Germany in recent times have lost connection with their ancestral family), establish the relationships between the various Kraus(e) families who lived in the German colonies on the Volga, and, ultimately, to establish the relationships between the various Kraus(e)/Crous(e) families around the world;

2) test my conclusions a) that virtually all of the Casebolts in the US are descended from one ancestor, and b) that that ancestor came from England;

3) establish the relationship between the Ruggles who settled in New England and those who settled in Maryland in the early years of this country.

4) trace my mother's female origins.

I begin with item 1) the Kraus Project, click it to get it.  For item 2) the Casebolt Project, click it.  For item 4) my mom's DNA, click it.

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