Our Military Family

This Page is Dedicated To All Of My Family Past And Present Who
Have Served In The Military For Our Country

Although I Am Not Listing Family Members Who Are Still Living
I Honor These Men Also


Thomas Dillard Jr., was appointed Lieut-Col of Pittsylvania Co., Virginia militia in 1767. In 1776 he commanded a company of Minute Men from Pittsylvania, which marched to Gwinn's Island and assisted in driving off Lord Dunmore. In 1778 he commanded a company of Pittsylvania men on the Illinois Expedition, Marched to Boonesboro, KY.
He commanded a company of Pittsylvania Militia in the Indian Campaign of the Revolutionary War, and was so pleased with the more western part of the colony that he later moved with his family into that section of the country.
He served as Captain of Militia, Justice of Pease, Member of Comm. of Safety, County Commissioner. Thomas Dillard Jr. was an officer in the Virginia Militia. As a Captain he marched with militia across country from Pittsylvania County, Virginia to Williamsburg to drive out the English Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore.
(Source: DAR Papers)
Captain James Dillard, Pittsylvania Co., VA
Benjamin D. Dillard was living in Green County,VA. when he received his Revolution War Pension of $20.00 Annual Allowance.
Private James Collins, Bute Co., N.C (Franklin Co. N.C.)  he was drafted into the N.C. Militia 14 May 1776. He served 3 months, mainly on patrol, in the area of Wilmington, N.C.. In 1779 he joined for another period of service. He went Halifax, then Tarborough, then to the Cape Tear area above Wilmington where his group watched the British from across the river. His third period of service began in Feb. 1781 when he joined a company commanded by James Richards in Louisburg. He was sent from Louisburg to Warrenton, then to Harrisburg, on to Hillsborough, where he stayed for a while. He was then sent to Guilford Court House where he was placed in the front lines and participated in the battle. After the battle he went to Ramsey's Mill and then on to Camden, S.C. where he was again in battle. He remained in that area until he was discharged.
(Source: Revolution War Pension application 12 Sept 1832)

WAR OF 1812

Jacob Humble enlisted in the TN Milita on Nov. 13th, 1814 in the company of Captain John Slatton and was discharged June 2, 1815.

Benjamin Pendleton  he was with Harrison at the Battle of the Thames.
(Source: April 3, 1912: Life & Ancestry of George C. Pendleton)

                                                      CIVIL WAR                                                         

Thomas Lewis White, Christian Co., MO was mustered in September 18, 1862 at St. Louis, Mo. 20 Reg't Co. G. E.M.M. Union Army (linked to his army mustered in record)
Greenfield Melton, Christian Co., MO, 8th Mo Cav. Co D. 9-24-1862 to 7-20-1865
Thomas L. Dixon, McMinn Co., TN, Cpt. A Co. 10th TN Cav: 8-12-63 to 8-1-65
Lt. Edmond Pendleton-- Brigade officers of the Horse Artillery commanded by Lt. Col. William Hays
Thomas Melton
---Christian Co., MO, 24th Missouri Infantry
Ansel Melton
---Christian Co., MO, 24th Missouri Infantry
Michel Humble---Green & Christian County Home Guards. Private, Company A, Captain Lee. Enlisted May 5, 1861, Mustered in May 5, 1861 Green Co., MO. Disbanded Aug. 16, 1861.
Jacob Russel Humble
---He was enrolled 7-30-1862 in Company B at Springfield, Missouri and served until 2-10-1863 with the Union Army.

Private Asa Roy, Co. K Indiana Infantry 11-29-1861 to 1-31-1865, he also served in Co. F.


Vene Foster (1893-1982), youngest son of Daniel Marion Foster and Nancy Ann Dixon, enlisted 26 April 1918 at Silver City, Idaho. He trained as a scout in France with the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF). About a week before he was to go "over the top" the Armistice was signed, 11 November 1918, sparing him from almost certain death. He was honorably discharged as "Conscript #2294506, Mechanic, Headquarters Co. 316th FA," on 24 June 1919 at Fort Russell, Cheyenne, Wyoming.
(Sources: Enlistment/Honorable Discharge document and Memoir of Vene Foster, 1980)
Contributed by Mary Foster Ludvigsen


Raymond McDonell  served at O'Riley Army Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. After O'Riley closed he went to work at the V.A. Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Thomas L. White


Michael Humble