Genealogy Links

Genealogy Links

I Found It Genealogy Search Engine

CENSUS LOOKUP SITE hosted by Roots Web


RANDOM ACT of KINDNESS lookups, video & still shots of cemeteries and homestead

Interview your relatives (a must read)

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet        

Cemetery Junction Directory Great Site lots of information in one spot

Bureau of Land Management - Eastern States, General Land Office

Family Tree Climbers

Relationship Chart

Birthdate Form  How to calculate from years, months and days to day, month and year.

ALLCENSUS   Your one stop source for census documents

Cousins and Cousinhood

SAVING GRAVES   A great site to help save our cemeteries. The older cemeteries are being destroyed at an alarming rate rate. More need to be done to make people aware of this disaster.