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 Bible of Lucinda Nunley, 1800-1933 - Montgomery Co. VA

This Bible was in the possession of Mary Winston Jewel Shields  at the time of her death.  It is believed to have belonged to her paternal aunt, Lucinda Jewel Nunley.   The last entry under Deaths (Lucinda Nunley) is in the handwriting of Mary Winston Shields. The other entries are believed to be  in the handwriting of
Lucinda Jewel Miller Nunley.  The title page has been lost.



Wm. & Mary Jewel   July 24th 1825

Geo & Elizabeth Akers  June 11th 1851

T. C. & Virginia Overstreet June 18th 1855

Geo & Nancy Akers Dec 27th 1855

Isaiah & Mary Summer Oct 7th 1858

Wm H. Jewel & Sallie J. Davis Oct 3 1872

Christina Jewel & Daniel Shelor Dec 17 1874

James F. Miller and Lucinda Jewell were married Sept the 7 1880

John Acquilla Weeks and Margaret Jewell were married August the 27 1882

William H. Jewell and Cora L. Winston were Married Jan. 25 1893

Isaac Nunly and Lucinda Miller were married Dec 28 1893


Wm. Jewel  January 25th 1800

Mary Jewel  August 3rd 1805 

Martha Jewel  May 16th 1828

Elizabeth Jewel  October 5th 1830

Mary Jewel  March 2nd 1833

Christenah Jewel  August 7th 1835

Virginia Jewel  April 15th 1838


The first born of Wm & Mary May 17th 1827

Martha Jewel  October 25th 1835

Elizabeth Akers  Feb 11th 1854

William Jewel departed this life January the 11, 1886

Emeline Jewell departed this life Feb 10, 1890 

Mary Jewell departed this life Feb. 24, 1890

Virginia Overstreet departed this life Sept 15 1891 


James T. Akers son of  George & Elizabeth June 25th 1852

Wm B. Akers Febuary 4th 1854


Sarah Jane Jewell wife of Wm H Jewell departed this 

life February the 28, 1886

George Akers departed this life, June 21 1887

James F. Miller departed this life June 15, 1890

T. C. Overstreet was called from time to eternity Aug. 20 1891

James T. Akers  August 10 1901

Daniel Shelor  Dec. 24 1909

Isaiah Sumner


Margaret Jewel  January 25th 1841

Lucinda Jewel  September 15th 1843

Emeline Jewel  November 10th 1845 

Wm H. Jewel  August 10th 1848


Mary Sumner  departed this life  Dec 27, 1900

Margaret Weeks departed this Life  January 8th 1915

John Weeks died 1919

Wm H. Jewel died September 10th 1919

Lucinda Nunley Nov 27, 1933


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