Pedigree Charts

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Please click on the underlined name to see the Pedigree Chart.  These files are large, please allow extra time for loading.
*Please Note:  Star symbol indicates no chart posted yet.  

Registered Names: Call Names: 
Ch. Chelsea Blue, CD, CGC 1984 - 2002 "Chelsea"
Ch. Chelsea's Blue Cameo  * "Cameo"
Ch. Chelsea's Blue Britannia  * "Brit"
Ch. Chelsea's Blues in the Night "Clancy"
Ch. Chelsea's Memphis Blues 1986 - 2002 "Joey"
Ch. Chelsea's Stolen Heart Blues  * "Nathan"
Ch. Rathsrigg Patience  * "Patience"
Ch. Rathsrigg Saxon Ruler "Saxon"

Ch. Isotop's Storm Warning "Stormy"
Ch. Chelsea's True Blue Tobias  * "Tobias"
Ch. Chelsea's Blue Bugatti "Tyler"
Ch. Jewelbox Emerald "Emerald"
Ch. Jewelbox Gem O'Erie * "Gemmy"
Ch. Chelsea's Rhapsody in Blue "Chloe"
Ch. Jewelbox Silver Trinket "Trinket"
Kismck, Star of India "Indy"
Chelsea's Queen of Comedy "Lucy"
Ch. Jewelbox Diamond Chip "Mr.Chips"
Ch. Chelsea's Rootbeer Float "Rootie"