Ch. Chelsea's Stolen Heart Blues, 
*Master Earthdog

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Ch. Chelsea's Stolen Heart Blues, ME
Call name, "Nathan" wins high honor.

Nathan, shown below being held by his trainer:  Sandy Martin, is the FIRST Master Earth Dog [ME] 
in the breed to win this honor, and we are very proud of him.  Nathan was eleven [11] years 
and ten [10] months old the day he earned his title on June 16, 2002.

Ch. Chelsea's Stolen Heart Blues, call name, "Nathan," won his champion's title early in his career.  Soon after, he began training for his Earthdog titles, and his achievements there have been truly brilliant. He is only the second Bedlington in breed history to earn a Senior Earthdog title.   In 2002, he became the first in his breed to win the title:  *Master Earthdog.  Pictured below, he won this title on Saturday, 12 May 2001.
Ch. Chelsea's Stolen Heart Blues, "Nathan," born 8-5-90, is co-owned by Sandy Martin, Sterling, VA. Nathan is a carrier of the copper toxicosis gene, and is no longer available at stud.  He is CERF registered.  He has, however, begun a new carrier as an earthdog.