In Loving Memory of

Ch. Chelsea Blue,
1984 - 2002

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Ch. Chelsea Blue, CD was the foundation bitch of Chelsea Blue Bedlingtons.  She was born 8 June 1984, and her blood line has produced multi-generations of champions.   Chelsea was a DNA 2,2 biospied unaffected carrier of the copper toxicosis gene.  She was CERF registered.  Many of Chelsea's puppies were used to develop the DNA test currently offered by VetGen.


Chelsea's Story

When I bought Chelsea, I wasn't looking for a Bedlington and I knew nothing about the breed. I was attending grooming school when I met this incredibly sweet Bedlington Terrier puppy. As I gave her a haircut, she fell into a completely trusting sleep on my table. I had to have this dog, and amazingly she was for sale. I could not believe my luck! I bought her and named her Chelsea. My life has never been the same.

I had been showing a Borzoi, and thought I would show this sweet young bitch too. Luckily, I met Sue Mong, a groomer and handler from Florida. She took one look at Chelsea and said that she wanted to teach me to groom. Thank you Sue, you changed my life.

After Sue's lessons, I entered the National Specialty in Pennsylvania. I thought I would show Chelsea that weekend, spay her, and then have her as my pet. I think God had other plans. On the rainy morning of October 5, 1985, my sweet young bitch won a five point-major at Devon. I will always admire Barbara Heller's courage in pinning an amateur handler with a rookie bitch in a ring full of experienced breeders and handlers. Thank you Barbara, you also changed my life.

Chelsea went on to finish with three five-point majors, earn an obedience title, biopsy unaffected, produce four healthy litters of puppies including seven champions, and be my devoted companion. I can't imagine what life would have been without her.

Through Bedlington Terriers, I have met some truly wonderful people who have helped me more than they can ever imagine. I want to name a few: Thank you to Mary Jo Dunn, Tom and Kristin Hamernik, Sally Dekold, Laurie Egnell, Ian and Margaret Phillips, Steve and Angela Lockett, Ken Bounden, Irene Williamson, Sandy Martin, Steve Muha, Lynda Morrison, and the many other wonderful people who purchased puppies from me. Especially, I want to thank Harriett Whitbread who introduced me to my husband.

I thank the Lord for the people I have met and come to know since my introduction to our breed.  Bedlington Terriers are wonderful dogs, and Bedlington people are wonderful people.

Chelsea Blue died 5 February 2002.  On 8 June 2002, she would have been 18 years old. 
She will always be with me in memory, and will always be missed.

Ch. Chelsea Blue is photographed above winning Best Veteran Bitch under judge Ken Bounden, Exeter, England.  She was almost 12 years old.