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Names of Winners Call Names

June 10, 2002
Earthdog Trial

Ch. Chelsea's Stolen Heart Blues, ME "Nathan"
Agility and stamina must be  demonstrated in Agility Trials like this event held in Florida. Chelsea's Dusty Ewetopia "Dusty"
October 7, 2002 Ch. Chelsea's Rootbeer Float "Rootie"
Joey is ready to work the rat.  He must bark, dig, paw or bite at the rat for 60 seconds in junior competition.  "The Rat is the prey" "Joey"
The dog has been released from 10 feet away from prey.  The handler cannot move or speak to assist. "Tally Ho" "Nathan"
A Bedlington has to crawl the entire length of the tunnel [average speed is 30 feet in 14 - 19 seconds] "Going to Ground" "Nathan"