Ch. Chelsea's Blue Cameo

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Cameo is in 4-way tie for top producing brood bitch for 2001.  She has been officially recognized by Pedigree Top Producers as one of four top Bedlington terrier dams. To visit the web site which lists top dams, go to: Westminister Kennel Club web site.  Click on catefory: 2001 Pedigree Top Producers.  
Next click on drop-down menu: Top producers by group, then click on terriers.  Scroll down to Bedlingtons. 

Ch. Chelsea's Blue Cameo, "Cameo," was born 4-3-96, and is the top winning Bedlington produced by this kennel.  Cameo is the Best of the Best of Breed for 1998, winning the Pedigree Award for defeating more Bedlingtons than any other dog of her breed that year.  Cameo is owned and loved by Mary Jo Dunn, Glen Oaks Village, New York.   Other awards won by Cameo:  Best In Sweepstakes, BTCA Specialty, Perry, Georgia, April 1997; BOS, BTCW Specialty Show, California, 6-97, BOS, BTCW Specialty Show, California, 6-98; AOM, Montgomery County Kennel Club, PA,  10-98.  Cameo also has won multiple group placements.  Cameo is CERF registered.  In 2001 she tied for Pedigree Top Producing Brood Bitch Award.

Pictured are Cameo's owner, Ms. Mary Jo Dunn, [at far left] and her breeder, Mrs. Linda M. Freeman, 
[at near left.]  

 The event is the 1998 Pedigree Dinner at which Cameo received her Pedigree "Best of the Best" award.