"One-Off" Given Names

To avoid listing unique names or transcription errors, three distict citations are collected before a name is added to the main list. The following have one or two. Should you find another instance of one of these in use between 1450 and 1650, we would be interested in hearing from you. Please advise the date and place.

Alcede fem.
Form of Alice?
Arbuse fem.

Athebart masc.
Form of Ethelbert?
Bellamin fem.

Brell masc.
Possible surname used as forename?
Court masc.

masc. Southwark
Same name or two different? Short for Daniel?
Dove fem. Cambs. Some in 1800's, only one citation from 1450-1650.
Edri masc.
Abbreviation (Edwardi)? Possible survival of OE Eadred/Edred?
Eliary fem.
Perhaps a form of Hilary?
fem. Cornwall. Same as masc. Helier/Elier from the Channel Islands, or fem. Ilyer/Illyer from Wales? Are they all the same?
Esay masc.

Etde fem. Cornwall An abbreviation? For what?
Euphemius masc. Cambs. 1629 Only one known instance as a masculine name.
Farall ?
Surname used as forename?
Feyrat masc. Beds.
Gaverigan masc. Cornwall Found as a surname in Cornwall. but only once as a forename.
Gawdy masc.
Appears as gentry surname in Norfolk. Any other instances of its use as forename?
Gecian masc.

Geffren masc.
Familiar form of Geoffrey?
Hanmer masc. Cambs. 1612 Appears to be a surname used as forename. Many instances as a gentry surname.
Hopson masc.
Seems to be a surname used as a forename. Many instances of the surname among landed families.
fem. Herts. c. 1550
A feminine form of Ishmael?
Jacka masc. Cornwall Diminutive? Of what?
Janor fem. Cornwall
Jant fem. Cornwall Abbreviation of Janet?
fem. Cornwall and Devon.
Jugidie fem. Greater London, 1609 Same name as Latin Juguetha (medieval, translated as Jowett)?
Keverne masc.
St. Keverne appears in place names, the given name only once.
Mallian fem. Beds. Same as Mallyn? Or a diminutive of Marian?
Malliard ? Essex
Marris fem.
A familiar form of Demaris? Also occurs as a surname.
Mongwell masc. Cornwall. Perhaps a surname as found in Devonshire.
Overine fem. Cambs. Perhaps Averine/Averin, rare fem. name from the end of this period, or from the surname Overin/Overing?
Paradice fem.

Paray fem.

Philia fem.
Properly Philis? Abbreviation for Philadelphia?
Ragell fem. Cambs. A form of Rachel perhaps?
Sarepter fem. Herts. 1587
Secksey fem. London 1650, child burial Same as Saxa? From the surname Sexey?
Selander fem.

Sendry masc. Cornwall
Swanis fem. Beds. 1604
Yedia fem. Oxon. Perhaps a Latinization of feminine Ede.
Zachire fem. Holborn 1660 burial Not Zachary, but a feminine name.