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Straube Family Footprints
These pages contain Family Group Sheets (4 Generations) of the Descendants of 
Christian STRAUBE & Mary "Polly" MILLER
(of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri)

Christian STRAUBE was born about 1789 in Pennsylvania.  He was a farmer, and during his lifetime, he lived in:

  • Pennsylvania (c1789-c1812)

  • Bracken Co., Kentucky (c1812-1813)

  • Franklin Co., Indiana (1813-1839)

  • Audrain Co., Missouri (1839-1863)

He was married to Mary "Polly" MILLER (daughter of William MILLER and Rebecca POWEL) on July 2, 1812 in Bracken Co., Kentucky.  She was born on March 1, 1791 in Kentucky.  By 1813, they had moved to Franklin County, Indiana.  

In Bracken County, Kentucky (c1812-1813):

2 July 1812 Christian and Mary were married.
14 Apr 1813 Son William H. Straube was born.

In Franklin County, Indiana (1813-1839): 

6 Nov 1813 He was listed as owning property together with John Stroube [sic].
12 Dec 1814 Daughter Eliza Ann Straube was born.
about 1815 Daughter Isabelle Straube was born.
8 Jan 1818 Son James E. Straube was born.
17 Mar 1818 He received a U.S. patent for property with John Straube, SW1/4, Sec18, Tsp9, R1.  
1820 and 1830 He appeared in the federal census as head of household in Bath Twp.
15 Oct 1823 Son George M. Straube was born.
1828 Daughter Mary Straube was born.
abt Apr 1830 Son Christian Straube Jr. was born.
abt 1830 Daughter Rebecca Straube was born.
13 Oct 1833 He appeared on the list of grantees as having purchased property with John Straube grantor, for $325, NW 1/2 SW1/4, Sec18, Twp9, R1.
10 Feb 1834 He  was security for guardian in petition for appt of guardian, John Wynn, for minor heirs of Benjamin Wood.
13 Mar 1838  He  applied for, and was appointed, administrator of estate of Isaac Smalley (his son-in-law).
May 1838 He  was confirmed as administrator of estate of Isaac Smalley.
12 Feb 1839 He appeared on the list of grantors as having sold property with Wm. Wallace grantee, for $2667, SW1/4, Sec18, Twp9, R1.

(He apparently prepared for his move to Missouri.)

May 1839 He  was revoked as administrator of Isaac Smalley estate, on petition of James Wallace, who was appointed in his place.
August 1839 He  filed account of settlement on the estate of Isaac Smalley.

He  removed from Franklin Co., Indiana and moved to Audrain Co., Missouri after August 1839.  

In Audrain County, Missouri (1840-1867):  

1840  He  was recorded as voting in the election for President and Vice-President of the United States in Cuivre twp.
1840 He appeared in the federal census as head of household in Cuivre twp.
May 1841 He was recorded as no longer resident in Indiana, having settled with court in Isaac Smalley estate before leaving.  
1850 He appeared in the federal census as head of household in Dist. #4.
15 May 1852  He received a U.S. patent for property (Certificate No. 26070) SE1/4 SE1/4 T51N, R5W, Sec.31, Audrain Co., MO, 40 acres, in Audrain Co., MO.  
1860 He appeared on the census in in Hickory Creek, Cuivre twp.  He was a farmer with real estate valued at 1700 and personal estate at 800.  In his household were his wife Mary; grandchildren Perry SOCKS [SOX], and Perry's sister Sarah, who were children of his daughter Rebecca and her husband Jackson SOX.
14 July 1863 He signed a will.
18 Apr 1865 His wife Mary died in probably Audrain County at age "74yrs 9mo 15das", and was buried there in Fields-Fike Cemetery.  
1867  Christian Straube died.
6 Jan 1868 His estate was probated.

Christian Straube's biography appeared in Pioneer Families of Missouri, by Wm. S. Bryan and Robert Rose, Montgomery County, p. 289 (originally published in St. Louis, 1876):

"STROBE [sic] -- Christian Strobe, of Pennsylvania, removed first to Indiana, and from thence to Audrain Co., Mo.  His wife was Marry Miller [sic], of Kentucky, and they had -- William H., Eliza, James, Isabella, George, Rebecca, Mary, and Christian, Jr., most of whom have families, and live in Audrain and Montgomery counties."

The Will of Christian Straube. The First 100 Wills in Audrain County, Missouri, compiled by the D.A.R., Journal A, p. 322.  

Abstract: Christian Straube, Audrain Co. MO, July 14, 1863. To my wife, Mary, all my estate, real and personal, during her natural life, and at her death to be divided among my heirs as follows:

To my son William H. Straube, $58.89. To my son James E. Straube, $1.00. To my daughter Eliza Straube, wife of Thomas Norris, $134.60. To Isabelle Straube, wife of William Sox, $153.60. To my son George Straube, $150.60. To my daughter Rebecca Straube, wife of Jackson Sox, $132.60. To my daughter Mary Straube, Wife of Almerane Davis, $163.30. The remainder of my estate to be equally divided among my named children. I appoint Cornelius H. Cawfield Administrator of this last will. 

[Journal A, p. 322] 

NOTE: Money's total $794.59.

Christian STRAUBE and Mary "Polly" MILLER had the following children:  

+1  William H. STRAUBE Sr. (born on April 14, 1813).
+2 Eliza Ann STRAUBE (born on December 12, 1814).  
+3 Isabelle(a) STRAUBE (born about 1815).  
+4 James E. STRAUBE (born on January 8, 1818).  
+5 George M. STRAUBE (born on October 15, 1823).  
+6 Mary STRAUBE (born in 1828).
  7 Christian STRAUBE Jr. was born about April 1830 in probably Franklin Co., Indiana.  He died in February 1850 in Audrain Co., Missouri, and was buried there in Fields-Fike Cemetery.  
+8  Rebecca STRAUBE (born about 1830).  

See the Family Group Sheet for Christian STRAUBE and Mary "Polly" MILLER for more information on each of their children listed above.

Family Group Sheets (FGS) on these children and their families are also accessible through the Surname List and Index of Names below.

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