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Source: Pedigo and Taylor family information from the files of Eva Coe Peden, posted to the mail list 11 Oct 1997 by Sandi Gorin, 205 Clements Ave., Glasgow, KY 42141-3409 <>. Most information copied from John Taylor's bible.  Copyright 1997 by Sandi Gorin <>, 205 Clements Ave., Glasgow, KY.  Reprinted by permission, 27 June 1999.

Family Records of John Taylor

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Last night I was digging thru my many files and found some interesting goodies. I have probably 100 boxes of unsorted genealogical papers yet to go thru, left by a late researcher here. Some of this might help some of you out. I will capitalize surnames other than Pedigo. These appear to be OLD carbon copies, as yet I don't know who typed them, but they were in files maintained by Eva Coe Peden.


Edward Pediford (Pedigo) - Hannah Elkins married about 1760.

Their childen:
Joseph Pedigo - born 3 May 1761, married Dorothy EDWARDS 1783
Abel Pedigo married Susan ROSS
Levi Pedigo b 1763, married Polly NEWLAND & Polly EDEN
Henry Pedigo married Leah COCHRAN
Elijah Pedigo
John Pedigo
Elkin Pedigo
Lucy Pedigo married a CLARKE
Nancy Pedigo married a SNEED
Dashia Pedigo married a COCHRAN
Hannah Pedigo married a REEVES
Elizabeth Pedigo married an EDWARDS
Amy Pedigo married a HARDY
Keziah Pedigo married a BELL

Marriages: Children of Joseph Pedigo and Dorothy Edwards Pedigo:
Elizabeth Pedigo b 12 Feb 1787, married John TAYLOR 1806 (see below)
John Pedigo b 1796 married 1817 Sally OLDHAM, 1827 - Mary POLSON, 1834 Mrs Hibb...???
Henry Pedigo married Miss GROGAN
James Pedigo b 18 Mar 1789, married 3 Feb 1815 Polly GROGAN
Joe Pedigo - never married
Polly Pedigo - married a HELTON
William Pedigo b 1791 married Mss CRAIG
Edward Pedigo b 1805 married Lettice GILL
Mary Pedigo married a BELL

Edward Pedigo - 1732 Hannah Elkins - no date.

Copied from John TAYLOR'S Bible:

John TAYLOR b 23 Mar 1782 Franklin Co VA.
Elizabeth Pedigo b 12 Feb 1787 Blue Ridge Mountains.
Their children:
Polly Taylor b 23 Aug 1806 in Monroe Co KY
Nancy Taylor b 3 June 1808 in Monroe Co KY
George Taylor b 18 Sept 1809
John Taylor b 29 Mar 1811 Monroe Co KY
Elizabeth Taylor b 3 May 1813 Monroe Co KY
Sally Taylor b 18 Mar 1815 Monroe Co KY (See below)
William Taylor b 20 Aug 1816 Monroe Co KY
Anderson Taylor b 25 Jan 1819 Monroe Co KY
Joseph P Taylor b 2 Apr 1820
Dorothy Jane Taylor b 7 Aug 1822 Barren Co KY
Perlina Ann Taylor b 28 Mar 1825 Barren Co KY
Zerilda E Taylor b 20 Feb 1828 Barren Co KY
Martha Ann Taylor b 28 Apr 1838 Barren Co KY.

Births (from same Bible):

Fleming BYBEE born 30 June 1812
Elizabeth Taylor Bybee born 3 May 1813 Their children:

Franklin G Bybee born 12 Oct 1836
Mary Bybee
George Bybee
Catherine Ella Bybee.


Franklin G Bybee born 12 Oct 1836
Elizabeth DAVIDSON born 15 Feb 1840 = Their children:

Fannie M Bybee born 3 Oct 1857
Bettie Bybee born 7 Jan 1860
Rose L Bybee born 8 Aug 1865


Edward Pedigo died 1835 - no date for Hannah
Their son Joseph Pedigo died 14 May 1844
Their dau Elizabeth Pedigo died 24 Jan 1871 in Glasgow, KY.

John TAYLOR died 29 Feb 1872 in Perry Co IL
Elizabeth (Pedigo) Taylor died 24 Jan 1871 in Glasgow, KY.
Their children's deaths:
Polly Taylor died in 1879
Nancy Taylor died 15 Feb 1895 in Glasgow, KY
George Taylor died in infancy
John Taylor died Sept 1853
Elizabeth Taylor died 4 Aug 1881 in Glasgow.
Sallie Taylor died in infancy
William Taylor died 14 Mar 1890 in Glasgow
Anderson Taylor died in infancy
Joseph P Taylor died 9 July 1901
Dorothy Jane Taylor died 24 June 1882 in Glasgow.
Perlina Ann Taylor died 24 Apr 1894 in Barren Co
Zerilda E Taylor died 8 Apt 1894 in Burnett, TX
Martha Ann Taylor died 15 Sept 1853 in Barren Co.

Fleming Bybee died 1 Nov 1854; Elizabeth Taylor died 4 Aug 1881.

Their children:

Franklin G Bybee died 14 May 1901
Elizabeth (Davidson) Bybee died 31 Dec 1878 - Their childen:
Rose Lee Bybee died 28 Apr 1930

[Sandi's note: Next post will be a genealogy of the Pedigo family written by Newton
Alexander Pedigo - his father Henry Pedigo and wife Leah Cochran.]

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