Web Dedication
[February 3, 2000]


On December 29, 1957, a group of young men and women came together at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas for the purpose of attending Officer Candidate School. These men and women came from all parts of the nation, from different and varied military and civilian organizations, most were Non-Commissioned Officers of the United States Air Force. This group of approximately 212 men and women would undergo intense training over the next six months. This training would consist of academic, physical and military. There would be 825 academic hours and 726 nonacademic hours. It has been estimated that the academic portion of this six-month training is equivalent to two years of Junior College. At the end of the day on June 20, 1958, only 151 would have survived the test and graduate to receive commissions as Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force. These 151 Second Lieutenants would be forever known as the Class of 58B.

These Web Pages are dedicated to those 151 graduates of Officer Candidate School (OCS), Class 1958B (58B). These men and women would be dispersed throughout the United States Air Force all over the world. They would proudly serve and lead many and varied Air Force Units. The members of 58B were among some of the most dedicated, qualified and highly motivated officers to serve their country.

This six months' training in 1958 not only produced a very high quality Air Force Officer, but also instilled camaraderie among this group of men and women that would last a lifetime. This is evidenced by the comments of the individuals included in these pages after more than 41 years have passed.

The purpose of this Web Site is to collect and preserve all information, both oral and written that pertains to the members of the United States Air Force, Officer Candidate School (OCS), Class 1958B. Although the focus is on Class 58B, participation of other OCS Classes is welcomed.

It is hoped that these pages will reflect the dedication and spirit of a very small group of elite men and women who with distinction, and personal sacrifice, served their country, in peace and war, to the utmost in military standards and traditions. We trust that when future generations read these pages they will be able to relate that because of men and women like those in 58B, we enjoy the most "FREEDOM" on earth.