Subject: Re: 58B Web
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 07:00:29 EST
Hi Ollie

I know I don't write much and I am still slow in getting the "facts" on paper, but I am still
here and will get my act together and send out the info on Wally Deines and myself
although I haven't much to report about myself as after I graduated I went to McGuire 
as Air Transportation Officer and also retired between, Wally and I got
married, I went to Air Transportation School in Wichita Falls and then "got in a family
way" and in those days you couldn't stay in the service so I retired from active duty.
After that I became a Mom for a few years and then started work again, this time for
the civilian world until we went to DC where I went back to work for the Navy at the
Naval Research Lab, from there to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin 
to INSCOM (Intelligence and Security Command) at Arlington Hall, VA and then to NSA where I slaved until I retired. After I retired in 97 I decided I didn't like being retired so I went back to work for a civilian contractor here in England. All in all that's about it. I am now enjoying being here in England on contract for a few years. So now that I've filled you in on my comings and goings please don't take me off your mailing list as I do enjoy hearing from everyone.

Have a wonderful New Year.

Emily Zajchowski Deines