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Subject: (All about me! :-)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 16:22:08 -0500
From: "Richard D. Wilson" <isrsys@bellsouth.net>
Organization: Lifetime Homes

Dear Ollie,

Thanks for your efforts to document the guys and gals of OCS 58-B. I didn't attend the reunion in San Antonio, but would have liked to. It turned out that a surprising number of 5th squadron showed up. Once I graduated, the only members I ever ran into were Hal Reddish - and I can't remember where, but Hal had retired and was teaching ROTC courses at some high school, I believe. Gordon Bymer wasn't in our squadron, but I saw him while I was at AFMPC as the Records Branch Chief. He had come in for a records review. I did train with a couple of guys at Weapons Controller School at Tyndall AFB in the summer of '58. Damned if I can remember who they were... not from the fiery fifth, I know!

OK, enough of that, I will give a brief chronological review of my AF career:

Jul 1958 Weapons Controller Course (17xx) Tyndall AFB, FL
Oct 1958 Weapons Controller (1744) Det. 1, 623rd AC&W Sq, Okinawa
Nov 1959 Weapons Controller (1744) SAGE Sault Ste. Marie ADS, K. I. Sawyer AFB, MI
Jun 1961 Separated from Active Duty resided in Ithaca, NY
Jan 1963 Recalled to AD, Weapons Controller Boston ADS, Syracuse, NY
Jul 1964 Operations Officer (1744) Det. 1, 623rd AC&W Sq, Okinawa
Aug 1965 Student, Computer Officer Course Keesler AFB, MS
Dec 1965 Chief, Programming/Analysis Hq, ADC Command Post, Ent AFB, CO
Aug 1968 Student, Air Force Institute of Tech. Duty at Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater, OK
Dec 1970 Dir., Personnel Data Systems Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL
Dec 1971 Ch, Anal. & Prog. Microform Project HQ AFMPC, Randolph AFB, TX
Apr 1973 Ch, Mil. Pers. Records Maint. Branch HQ AFMPC, Randolph AFB, TX
Jul 1976 Retired

After I retired, I found employment in a computer related field through interacting with some good people I worked with at the Military Personnel Center. For three years, I worked in sales for Information Science, Inc. a computer software firm.

I was in Raleigh, NC during this time. I left that company to start my own computer software company. I developed a relational database management system for the IBM Series/1 mini computer and sold my services to Mid Atlantic companies in the banking and textile industries.

When the Human Resource Systems industry declined in the 1980's, my fledgling company headed south also. I sold my Raleigh home and returned to Chazy, NY (my HOR in the Shavetail). I cleared some family property on Lake Champlain and build what was to be my retirement home.

Thanks to the MBA I acquired during my AFIT tour, I taught at the State University of NY   at Plattsburgh in 90 and 91. Taxes finally drove us out of the area. We returned to Raleigh in 1995 and in 1996 I entered the residential construction business, specializing in steel framed homes. I am a licensed general contractor and a licensed electrical contractor in North Carolina. I have recently given up actively building homes, but do consulting to keep my hand in and stay active.


Richard D. Wilson
(over the years, I was always called "Dick", but that isn't a good
nickname these days)


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