Born April 20 193 1 (Adolph Hitler's birthday) on a farm near Manning Iowa. Moved to a farm in 1945 that had indoor plumbing and electricity. Graduated from high school with the class of 1948. Nickname in high school "Adolph". Worked at various jobs, factory in Cleveland Ohio, egg drying plant and hardware store as well as farm at Manning.

Joined the US Navy in February 1951 with the draft board in hot pursuit. Boot camp and Electricians mate school at San Diego. Duty on the USS Lipan ATF-85 (a sea going tug) all over the western Pacific. Transferred to USS Delta AR-9 (a fleet repair ship) in June 52 operating in the Japan/Korea area. Returned to San Diego Feb 53. Went to Manning, got married to Joyce. Returned to Japan/Korea Sept 53. Went to Subic Bay P.I. and SEA in May 54 as part of operation moving refugees from Hanoi to Saigon when Vietnam was pardoned Returned to San Diego July 54. Left Delta and discharged Jan 55, stayed out one day, looked for job, and reenlisted as instructor at Naval Training Center San Diego. Son Brent born June 55. Discharged as 1st Class Electricians Mate (E-6) Dec 56 (was scheduled to go back to sea duty).

Enlisted in the US AIR FORCE as a SSGT Dec 56, a day after discharge from Navy. Stationed at Mather AFB Sacramento CA. Went to OCS 58-B with Gene Ruley and John Amesbury Edwards.

Assigned to Walker AFB, Roswell, New Mexico as a Communications Officer (SAC sucks for a non-rated 2nd Lt. comm. officer). June 59 escaped to Keesler AFB to the one year Electronic Maintenance Course. Kept at Keesler as an instructor. 1962 went to IBM factory, Kingston NY for 5 months for Sage Computer Maintenance School. Back to Keesler to develop and teach the AF Computer Maintenance Officer Course. Transferred to Truax AFB Madison WI. in January 65 as Computer Maintenance Officer for Chicago Air Defense Sector. Son Bradley born December 65.

Transferred to exchange duty in July 66 with the Royal Canadian Air Force Air Defense Command Headquarters, North Bay Ontario as Staff Computer Officer. Also Command project Officer for installation of BUIC computers in Canada.   

Transferred to Korat RTAFB Sept 68 as Chief of Maintenance 1998th COMM Squadron. Returned to Keesler (not by choice) (3 year service commitment) in Sept 69 for Staff Comm School. April 70 transferred to HQ Defense Communications Agency, National Military Command System Technical Support Group. Washington D.C.. Principal duty was communications engineering support for the NEACP Advanced Airborne Command Post (Boeing 747 aircraft) later called the E-4. During this tour completed a BS in Business Administration and MS in Computer Sciences at George Washington University. Retired as a Major, May 76 instead of going to AFCS at Scott.

October 76 went to work for Electrospace Systems Inc. (a little Dallas company of about 200 people) Washington Systems Engineering Office (a little office of 4 people). Continued work on the E-4 as engineering support to DCA and USAF including flight status (back end) with the Air Force. We also developed and conducted the POLO HAT worldwide airborne command post exercises for the Joint Staff. In 1987 Electrospace (a bigger Dallas company of about 3000 people) was purchased by Chrysler Corp. Last project was engineering support and test and evaluation (communications) on the new AF-1 aircraft. Retired as Department Head of Electrospace Washington Systems Engineering Office (a bigger office of about 120 people) in May 1991.

Became a partner in starting the Potomac River Brewing Company in 1992. Made the best beer around. Grew to about 3000 barrels a year and sold to Rock Creek Brewing in 1998. Nobody wanted to put up the $$$ for more equipment to expand our capacity. Currently work part time for Kestrel Corp on a White House Communications Agency system called secure video conferencing system. I fill in when people go on vacation, sick or quit.

I am a Prostate Cancer Survivor with surgery in 1993 at Andrews AFB hospital. I now spend one day a week as a volunteer at the Andrews hospital. We are working on a DOD wide effort to put together a research database of all military prostate cancer patients. ALL YOU GUYS MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR PSA TEST DONE ON A REGULAR BASIS.