Ewing M. Thompson
Known as "Joe" Thompson
Photo made in 2000

Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 20:15:39 -0500
From: "Joe & Norrie Thompson"

FIRST! I've said it before, the reunion was the highlight of my life. (Well almost my life). Norrie and I couldn't have enjoyed it any more. Then the trip back and staying with Ed Callicotte and Kate and having dinner with Jack and Gail Brown was memorable. Now that I've said that, any one planning another one in the foreseeable future? Ben, are you looking to have Sixth Sq reunion somewhere?

Norrie and I are always looking to go somewhere. We just got back from a trip to Montreal and Quebec which we enjoyed very much.

Sorry Buzz, I entered the Army on April 28, 1947 at age of 15. After basic training at Fort Jackson, SC I ended up at Langley AFB VA and was there when the AF split off and took me with them. In 1948 my first taste of OCS was when I was transferred to Lackland AFB and my barracks was across the parade ground from the OCS compound and I became totally taken in and decided that someday, I was going that route. In late 1957, at McDill AFB, I was notified of my selection to class 58B.

After graduation, I was one of the dirty dozen that was offered "any where you want to go if you stay at Lackland for a year as Military Training Officers." A year later and so much for anywhere you want to go, we were all sent to Keesler for Comm Off School. Finally got out of that school and was sent to Fuchu AS Japan and I spent the three years as OIC of the Base Comm Station and other duties as they could find for me to do. From there I went to Langley AFB and was the Chief, TAC Command Post Communications, then to the 1913 Comm Sq as Operations Officer. Stayed there until 1966 and was assigned to the Defense Communications Agency at Korat Thailand. One year there and got an assignment to the Defense Atomic Control Agency. The day I was to leave, I was diverted to the DIA at the Pentagon. That would ruin you outlook on something. Only spent about 6 months there and wrangled an assignment to Griffiss AFB, NY. as Commander, 2019 Comm Sq. In Jan 1970, I went to the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk VA with an ongoing assignment to the 4th Allied Tactical Air Forces at Ramstein Germany. Returned to the US on a CHAP assignment to Carswell AFB TX. After some family health problems, I voluntary retired on Feb 1, 1973 and built a home in Hampton Virginia.

Piddled around for a while with the house and finally went to work for First Virginia Bank. Retired from there as a Vice President in 1995. Then in 1998, an aneurysm was found on my brain and I underwent surgery to clip it. Spent 5 days in a coma (just resting) and now 18 months later I am just about back to the old me and life is good.
Here is where I just want to thank everyone for all the prayers during my illness. I am here playing on this side of the short grass and living proof of the power of prayer.

I play golf 3 or 4 times a week, weather permitting, Norrie and I travel when we can and live life to the fullest.

Ollie the web page is fantastic. Keep it as it is.

Joe and Norrie Thompson (6th Sq Adjutant)