Here is the start of Dad's Bio:

Captain James R. Sutherlan, Retired and Deceased
Assignments following OCS Graduation June 20, 1958






Northeast Cape AFS - Alaska

Ground Electronics Officer


Offutt AFB - Nebraska

Scribner OIC


Wheeler AFB - Hawaii





Upon retirement, took a position as a manager for a telecommunications company for a year or so then decided to open up his own business. He purchased several Laundry Mats and did all machinery repair and maintenance on his own, with a lot of help from his new bride, Veronica.  It ended up to be a very lucrative business along with property (both residential and commercial) that was purchased when we first moved to Hawaii.

Dad also was very handy with wood and had a hobby of making wooden toys which included planes, trains, vintage classic cars, grasshoppers and more.  He was an impeccable, meticulous man and always kept business with home and yard repairs so that all was spic and span. 

Unfortunately, in 1997 he was diagnosed with cancer which overcame him within 8 months and he passed away on February 28, 1998.  The ironic thing about Dad - was that years earlier he sent Ronnie, his wife, to school - she chose nursing and specialized in Oncology.  She cared for him until his last breath. We all miss him greatly and just this year on his 70th birthday, March 25th, the family all gathered around his gravesite and thru him a party.

Ollie, if there are some discrepancies in his jobs I apologize.  This is information to the best of my recollection!

Ahui Hou and Mahalo for all you do!

Jaime Lynn




Fatherís Promise


For those I Love and for those who Love me - -

   When I am gone, Release me - - - let me go.

I have so many things to see and do,

   You must not tie yourself to me with tears.

Be happy that we had so many years.

I gave you Love and you can only guess

   How much you gave me in happiness.

I thank you for the Love we each have shown

   But now itís time I travel alone.


So grieve for awhile for me, if you must,

   Then let your grief be comforted by trust.

Itís only for a while that we must part

   So bless now the memories within your heart.


I wonít be far away, for life does go on.

So, if you need me - - - call and I will come,

   Though you cannot see me, or touch me - - - Iíll be near.

And if you listen with your heart - - - you will hear,

   All my Love around you - - - soft and clear.

And then, when you must come this way alone,

   I will greet you with a smile and welcome you home.


Tribute from and to:  James Richard Sutherlan (Dad)

                       Born: March 25, 1932

                            Died: February 26, 1998


Pace yourself lovingly and remember - - -

This pain wonít last forever!

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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 09:54:24 EST
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Aloha Ollie!

I have some info that I know you will appreciate without any further edits needed - attachment is my Father's last tribute prior to his passing away. I have to edit the bio prior to emailing to ya but close to completion!

Mahalo for your consistent emails!

Jamie Lynn


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