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From: Melbourne Beach, Florida
Time: 1999-11-14 13:00:31

Comments: Debbie and I had a wonderful time at the 1999 reunion in San Antonio. Thanks to John Quinn, Jim
Colvin, Gordon Brymer, their spouses and a host of others for the planning and all the time they spent organizing
such a truly magnificent reunion. The memorial was especially touching. We will long remember the reunion with
old friends. We are looking forward to the next one. Ben, if you visit this site, sorry we can't make the 6th
Squadron mini reunion in June. With six children and nine grandchildren spread around the world, we are kept
pretty busy just with family. God bless class 58b for your many years of service to your country.

Tom Sizemore

Name: Thomas J. Sizemore
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From: Melbourne Beach, Florida
Time: 1999-11-17 13:09:33

Comments: Born: 23 Sep 31 Enlisted: 30 Dec 48, OCS: 20 Jun 58, Retired: 1 Sep 78 Assignments: U.S., included
Wright-Pat, Ohio; Ent, Colo. Sprs.; Overseas: Germany, Philippines. After retirement settled on the Atlantic coast of Florida. I was ordained by the Church of God in 1991. I served as the Dean of a small Christian school and college for a number of years, then as the Dean for one of the Central Florida Branches of Barry University (a Catholic University).

Debbie and I retired in June 1993, but have maintained an active lifestyle. We have six children between us and nine grandchildren spread around the world and do a lot of traveling to visit and enjoy them. We have remained active with the Protestant Community of the Patrick AFB Chapel. We both enjoyed the reunion and look forward to the next. This web page was a wonderful idea. That, and the reunion have brought back a lot of memories. Service and association with you folks has been an honor. We look forward to seeing all of you at the next reunion. God bless all of you.

Tom & Debbie Sizemore

From: Ed & Marta Garcia []
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 10:12 PM
Cc: Prentis & Loraine Ollis

Subject: Re: Tom Sizemore 

This is so sad.  I need some advice...... I don't know that the flower fund has ever sent money to a cause instead of flowers for the funeral...this

appears to be an exception because we are notified after the funeral. In this case I don't suppose it makes any difference but I thought the flowers

were to console, if that is possible, and to show that the class shares the familys' sorrow.... I don't know when Carl is due to return but I am willing

to send flowers to Debbie and a small check to the hospice if you all think it is the thing to do....pls advise....



Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 16:25:37 -0400
Ed & Marta  Garcia,
Burnett, Bobby,

 Subject: Tom Sizemore


 I received a letter this afternoon from Debbie Sizemore informing me that  Tom passed away on Thursday, July 3rd at 8 PM. I have not seen any announcement regarding this matter in any e-mails and do not know who besides Norrie and I that she sent this letter.  She said that Tom asked, before his passing, that in lieu opf flowers, contributions be sent to:

Hospice at Charlotte
1420 East SEventh Street
Charlotte, NC, 28204 

Let me know if  you received this information.  I can scan the whole letter to you if you would like to pass it to all of our classmates.  Tom was my first room mate.  I will miss him. I have a e-mail address, but am not sure it is correct.  I do have their phone number and will try to contact her  soon. 

 Joe Thompson